Roots of a problem or the roots of a plant, maybe but we all have our roots as well.

Happy – Relative or Dependent

Happy, what is happy and what is it to be happy? It is relative and it is as big or as small as we make it.


Bamboo – I am bamboo – and you will go on to ask me – who am I?

My Color Green

Green – the color of life, the color of the trees and the only sign that a piece of land or soil is suitable for planting, for life.

My Daughter

My daughters – tender, fragile – maybe, sometimes
Yet – sweet and strong

My Baby Boy

My baby boy – My Son

How long will you be my son, how long will you let me be your mother?

Homeless I am

“Homeless I am, and you see me – there in the street. And if I am lucky, I hide behind a car, a building. I hide from the cutting wind, relentless, non-stop. I am homeless

A Woman – Just A Woman not Hercules

A woman – just another one of God’s wonderful creations. A bundle of feelings, emotions, senses, and so much more.

The Taste of Independence

The taste of independence is like nothing else in ones’ life, it is sweet like honey or ambrosia.



For as long as I remember I was just Salwa – daughter, mother, teacher – and of course I never stopped to ask anyone what my name meant or why it was chosen.

I still have no idea why it was chosen – maybe it was the trend at the time – but I do know that I was this self-contained girl who never bothered anyone, and who was characteristically quiet, silent and somehow my favorite pastime was either spent with my pets or with a book.

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As I am a creative writer I work wonders with creative copywriting and I have the advantage that I work on any topic.

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