Bamboo – I am bamboo – and you will go on to ask me – who am I?

Empowerment Tips for Women In Daily Life

Empowerment Tips for Women In Daily Life

Valuable Travel Guidelines

Valuable Travel Guidelines

Music; the Way it Influences and Improves our Life

Music; the Way it Influences and Improves our Life

Decrease Waste – The Least We Can Do

Decrease waste, is the least any of us can do in an effort at sustainable measures.

Ozone in Medicine – What we don’t know

Ozone in Medicine – What we don’t know

Group Sharing – Camouflaged Therapy

Group Sharing – Camouflaged Therapy

My Daughter

My daughters – tender, fragile – maybe, sometimes
Yet – sweet and strong

Taboos of Being Me

“Taboos face me, and from a young age I find that I have to fight things that are not my fault

Aqueous Ozone – A Miracle Worker

In as much as Ozone – O3 -is either good or bad, aqueous ozone is another story altogether

Just A Puppy Out on My Own

Just a puppy out on my own, I was born and soon after my mom died, hit by a car. Alone, I was left to fend for myself, my brothers and me

Dress code – for girls only not for boys!!!

Dress code for girls is defined specifically and inspected by school authorities on a regular day to day basis.

Noise – Modern Man’s Trash

Noise – Modern Man’s Trash. It might seem like an exaggeration to term noise as trash but that is what it has come to.

Reading – Leisure Pastime or more

Reading is known as a pastime for leisure or a hobby for the nerds.

An Empty Shell – A roomful of faces

An Empty shell – A roomful of faces “I look around a roomful of people, a roomful of faces, faces of people who are like me , in their lives and pains, faces filled with pain, pain so intense that it had etched its telltale lines on even the youngest of these faces.



For as long as I remember I was just Salwa – daughter, mother, teacher – and of course I never stopped to ask anyone what my name meant or why it was chosen.

I still have no idea why it was chosen – maybe it was the trend at the time – but I do know that I was this self-contained girl who never bothered anyone, and who was characteristically quiet, silent and somehow my favorite pastime was either spent with my pets or with a book.

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Just as an architect designs a building, on mixreading we search for the information and design it to your specific case

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Content is a very sensitive topic and consists of many sections that need to be written carefully and fit your site specifications.

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As I am a creative writer I work wonders with creative copywriting and I have the advantage that I work on any topic.

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