Heads or tails – that is the question?

Every coin has two sides – heads or tails – the side we see or want to see and the one hidden from us.

Two little girls – just tiny tots.

Two little girls – just tiny tots.

The flavors of a place

The flavors of a place

Everyday life without any frills

Everyday life without any frills — just the way people live a day at a time, frills are not in their agenda.

Tiger stripes – unique and beautiful

Tiger stripes are unique and infinitely beautiful. Have you ever heard of two tigers with the same exact pattern of stripes?

Tied up without ties!

Tied up “I see the pain, and I wish I could lift it – a broken arm, a broken leg would heal. But a...

A magnifier of epidemic proportions

A magnifier is usually used to see things that are not clear with the naked eyes.

COVID or Hunger — which one will kill me?

COVID is the scare that is racing around the world like a fire, threatening to infect and has actually affected thousands in every country.

Earth day Jubilee – an apprehensive celebration April 22/2020

Earth day is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and during those years, many changes and improvements have been implemented and seen

Covid-19 — the scare that is threatening all who are dear

The epidemic — the scare that is threatening all who are dear. #COVID-19

Women’s day — a reminder, a way forward?

The issues of inequality are endless, so perhaps Women’s Day is a reminder to solve these issues.

“The ice is melting – I do not have enough time.”

The ice is melting, and it only needs about a degree or two of a rise in temperature for the ice to start melting.

The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep – black everywhere is what we see. A sheep that will always be black, till the day it dies. Playing in the field….

The Sun and the Wind

The Sun and the Wind is a tale as old as time. Who doesn’t know that the sun warms us through and through with the rays it emits.

Tears are not for men – What a shame!

Tears are not for men – An admonition that we have heard hundreds of times and it was not directed at us but at that little boy standing in the corner.

Content Writer

Content with flavor

Content writing is a language as old as time — it is the way and means that you display your brand to your users. And to do that, you use the perfectly spun words that not only relay the meaning you are trying to get to your audience but in the simplest and loveliest words that you can. Basically, that is what content writing is about and to do that, you need an expert content writer.

Here at mixreading.com, we provide you with a team of expert content writers who spin words together to produce an orchestra of content that will not only have visitors visiting your site but staying on to be regular users.

What is an orchestra of content?

Content is a mix of writing, phrases, expressions as well as images that serve to display your brand – all wrapped up in a package called content writing.


Blog Articles

Blog articles are customized to your needs and requirements. Here we are to get you an article that is well researched and great to read. This applies to all niches – we do them all!

Content that reaches your audience

We design a content that appeals to your audience, search for what your audience cares about and need, and we get it done for you!

Content Strategy

Content is an art that speaks your brand language. It needs to be written carefully to fit your site specifications and entertain your audience.

Creative Copywriting

A team of creative writers – We create creative copywriting that has the advantage that it captures your client’s attention in any niche.

Great to work with Salwa, would recommend to anyone who needs translations and well crafted articles  to suit any website.

Mohamed El Mahdy

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Over a long time she has been my primary writer on varied niches, provides articles that are beautifully written, unique, while using rich language that is lovely to read. She is my first go to writer.”

– excellent Writer

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