Our legacy - If We Plan Right


A plan is the ultimate solution to ensure success. It is the norm to plan a trip, a vacation, or an outing. And, when we set out on that outing, we do everything possible, to ensure the success of said outing.

On our return, if something had gone wrong, a day not quite right, or even a mishap; it places a slight blight on the trip we had taken. And when an accident occurs then, we store this trip’s memory under the heading of unpleasant events or accidents not under what it was intended as originally. If we do all that and more for a trip or a vacation why is it that we cannot do it to care for our Earth. It is as if we have actually made a plan for the destruction of the Earth. And what is more astounding being that, each and every one of us is responsible? This is the legacy we had. And these are just some situations we see as normal everyday scenes:

  • A manufacturer could be manufacturing a product to make life easier, but it is irrelevant that dark, poisonous fumes are emitted from the factory into the atmosphere.
  • After a beautiful day at the beach, a mother leaves all the debris that her children had managed to create during the day, spread all over the sand, making a mess and a sore sight of what had been a beautiful setting just hours before.
  • Driving in your car, you have an empty bottle of water, and instead of waiting to find the nearest garbage disposal, you just toss it out of the window.
  • Wrong disposal of wastes from the house or anywhere else.
  • A tissue thrown just about anywhere by each of us over a day could create tons of garbage.
  • A tree cut to make room, or forests are torn down over the centuries, for wood or to clear a place for habitation.
Plan to keep it as it is.

An idyllic setting

The result of bad or no plan

Debris on a shore

Bad plans of waste disposal.

A Whale killed from Debris

Plan for pollution control - what is & what should be

Earth heritage

The net result is that over time is that the idyllic setting became this and this and thousands more of such images that are as real as you and me. As the saying goes, a picture speaks louder than a thousand words. If this is not a plan for destruction; that we are meticulously carrying out in the name of development then, what is.

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