With the onset of a vacation, our first thought is that we will head to the beach, and our travel expectations are always for perfection.

A beach implies smooth sands, clean water, sunshades, and so much more – well, we think we need to have some fun.

We go to the beach expecting precisely the picture we drew in our minds

Then we arrive at our destination for this holiday, and if it is not a perfect fit for the one in our minds, our disappointment is more than huge; it’s daunting and depressing

But how do we expect all beaches to be the same?

Because that’s what we are looking for – a typical McDonald’s sandwich that never changes, with no variations or anything absent or even a difference in taste year after year.

But every place has a flavor, says the traveler.

Each setting needs to be different from any other setting

Oh no, the sands are not silky and smooth!

Oh no, there are rocks on the beach!

How dare they leave the rocks on the beach?

Why didn’t they remove the rocks so the beach would be smooth like that other one we went through the year before last?

After that initial shock, we take another look and then another…

But to the rocks, there is beauty, and beyond the rocks, the water has a character of its own…

That other beach might not be suitable for swimming but look at the beauty of the wildlife there.

And there are so many shells that they form a lining for the beach sand.

Instead of walking on the sand, we are walking on shells.

And suddenly, we see a beauty beyond our expectations.

For every coin, there are two sides and maybe more…

And to every beach, its own particular character, just as if it were human

And maybe it’s time to see and accept everything as it is and see the beauty within. Even the external thorns or what we think is ugly might actually be the most beautiful thing in the world.

A traveler sitting in front of a small lake tells this story of a beach so strewn with shells that you cannot see the sand. It is daunting to realize he wanted to go away to another beach that had silky sands. As he sits by the water that smells really fishy, and though that is not suitable for swimming somehow, he’s enjoying this new experience and this little sandy shore with a character all its own.

And even the crows picking up bits of food start to take on a flavor of their own. So we see that they do a crucial job of cleaning up and are indispensable, but our narrow vision saw them as ugly and fearful.

“I am just another bird, though my diet might not be to your liking!”

Well, I am a beach, not a fast-food sandwich!

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