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About the Author – Salwa Michel Saad

For as long as I remember, I was just Salwa – daughter, mother, teacher, and of course, I never stopped to ask anyone what my name meant or why it was chosen.

I still have no idea why it was chosen; maybe it was the trend at the time. But I do know that I was this self-contained girl who never bothered anyone, was characteristically quiet, silent, and, somehow, my favorite pastime was either spent with my pets or with a book.

Since I now know that Salwa means a type of colorful bird, I think that the name is an excellent fit for me. I was aptly, a bird in a closed shell, and I stayed that way for quite some time. It was hard to keep myself in place –  accept that that is what I was – but then, I just could not. I kept trying to find the crack from which I would escape and prove myself. It was of the utmost importance to prove to myself what I am capable of.

Well, I did burst from the shell and found my wings, colors, likes, dislikes, and along with these, came a crazy drive inside me for work, creation, innovation, and so much more.

The strides turned to leaps, and I found myself where I am at the moment – writer, author, tutor and counselor. What I value most in myself is that I write from my heart, soul, and that is reflected in every piece I do, be it, article, or maybe just a piece of free writing from the heart that I sincerely hope will reach your heart as well.

Mine is the story of every girl who became a mother too soon and found it hard to accept and stay in place to fight the boundaries that even she put for herself.

From here, the author was born – “the pressure that burnished the gold,” as the saying goes.

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Great to work with Salwa, would recommend to anyone who needs translations especially poetry!


She is fantastic and done a great job to help me finish the project. It’s wonderful to work with her and I can surely recommend her to anyone.


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