Woman behind a closed door – an excerpt from life.

Woman behind a closed door – an excerpt from life. Sounds floating over the air, wafting through the open window, increasing in intensity, and chilling in pain.

The clown face — that laugh, that smile.

Clown face or that perpetually laughing character. Oh, so strong and a smile that never parts from those lips.

Sulky teen — screaming toddler?

Pulling out your hair, embarrassed beyond bearing in public – the answer is simple – a parent needs to administer some discipline.

Teenagers – Fighting for a #life that is slipping away.

Surprisingly, it is a rising trend that teenagers are acting as advocates for the environment, not mature and understanding adults.

The celebration

Just a child, happy with the lights and the music – everywhere she looks, there are signs of celebration.

Heads or tails – that is the question?

Every coin has two sides – heads or tails – the side we see or want to see and the one hidden from us.

Two little girls – just tiny tots.

Two little girls – just tiny tots.

The flavors of a place

The flavors of a place

Everyday life without any frills

Everyday life without any frills — just the way people live a day at a time, frills are not in their agenda.

Tiger stripes – unique and beautiful

Tiger stripes are unique and infinitely beautiful. Have you ever heard of two tigers with the same exact pattern of stripes?

A magnifier of epidemic proportions

A magnifier is usually used to see things that are not clear with the naked eyes.

COVID or Hunger — which one will kill me?

COVID is the scare that is racing around the world like a fire, threatening to infect and has actually affected thousands in every country.

Earth day Jubilee – an apprehensive celebration April 22/2020

Earth day is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and during those years, many changes and improvements have been implemented and seen

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