Take it with a pinch of salt

Take it with a pinch of salt – Is that a heading or a piece of advice?

Blushing beaches

The beauty of nature is unbelievable that sometimes nature shies from its own beauty, its cheeks blushing at its own beauty.


Nuggets for thoughts, thoughts swimming in and out of mind, and they have nothing to do with what is seen on your face, for sometimes that would not be socially acceptable.

Tired, Too too tired to live.

Too tired to open your eyes, to take in that breath, move and appear normal. Yet, all those are part of living, of being here.

Cairo, the city of mingled flavors

Cairo, the city of mingled flavors as old as time, in many cases, Cairo has garnered flavors from different countries and cultures over time.

The clown face — that laugh, that smile.

Clown face or that perpetually laughing character. Oh, so strong and a smile that never parts from those lips.

Sulky teen — screaming toddler?

Pulling out your hair, embarrassed beyond bearing in public – the answer is simple – a parent needs to administer some discipline.

Teenagers – Fighting for a #life that is slipping away.

Surprisingly, it is a rising trend that teenagers are acting as advocates for the environment, not mature and understanding adults.

The celebration

Just a child, happy with the lights and the music – everywhere she looks, there are signs of celebration.

Heads or tails – that is the question?

Every coin has two sides – heads or tails – the side we see or want to see and the one hidden from us.

Two little girls – just tiny tots.

Two little girls – just tiny tots.

The flavors of a place

The flavors of a place

Everyday life without any frills

Everyday life without any frills — just the way people live a day at a time, frills are not in their agenda.

Tiger stripes – unique and beautiful

Tiger stripes are unique and infinitely beautiful. Have you ever heard of two tigers with the same exact pattern of stripes?

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