Tiger stripes – unique and beautiful

Tiger stripes are unique and infinitely beautiful. Have you ever heard of two tigers with the same exact pattern of stripes?

A magnifier of epidemic proportions

A magnifier is usually used to see things that are not clear with the naked eyes.

COVID or Hunger — which one will kill me?

COVID is the scare that is racing around the world like a fire, threatening to infect and has actually affected thousands in every country.

Earth day Jubilee – an apprehensive celebration April 22/2020

Earth day is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and during those years, many changes and improvements have been implemented and seen

Covid-19 — the scare that is threatening all who are dear

The epidemic — the scare that is threatening all who are dear. #COVID-19

Women’s day — a reminder, a way forward?

The issues of inequality are endless, so perhaps Women’s Day is a reminder to solve these issues.

“The ice is melting – I do not have enough time.”

The ice is melting, and it only needs about a degree or two of a rise in temperature for the ice to start melting.

A Child with Child — Children having Children!

Children having children.

The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep – black everywhere is what we see. A sheep that will always be black, till the day it dies. Playing in the field….

The Sun and the Wind

The Sun and the Wind is a tale as old as time. Who doesn’t know that the sun warms us through and through with the rays it emits.

Tears are not for men – What a shame!

Tears are not for men – An admonition that we have heard hundreds of times and it was not directed at us but at that little boy standing in the corner.

The Desert – Lost in it

“In the desert, surrounded by aridity – all that can be seen is dryness. The ground is dry and cracked with the desiccation that has sapped it of all kinds of moisture.

Murder – Beyond our Imagination!

Murder – Beyond our Imagination, especially the murder of a wife or a husband.

My Story with Coffee

My story with coffee is not just the love of a beverage, but it goes back to early childhood and somehow has a great significance in my life.

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