Cape Town lies at the southern tip of the African continent where the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans meet. This creates a unique and almost unrivaled environment, that harbors biodiversity with a level that cannot be found in any other part of the world. It is interesting to note that Cape Town is home to one of the world’s most important leaders namely; Nelson Mandela. Therefore, it is a deduction that tourists are attracted to these natural settings. It is also important to know what the most popular tourist activities in Cape Town are:

For nature lovers, Cape Town offers many diversified choices such as the Table Mountain with its almost flat cliffs reached by either hiking or using the Callaway. The mountains form a large part of the Table Mountain National Park and are the back end of City bowl. The City Bowl is another attraction, with a natural amphitheater shape that encourages a protected environment for unusual species of plants. It’s known to be one of the most naturally endowed habitats of the world providing unusual beauty with the huge variety of both plants and animals.

Cape Town offers numerous beaches and because of the unique geographical setting. Each beach he has a different feature, beauty, atmosphere and even water temperature. This is due to the different sources of the water currents and different oceans that meet in this beautiful city. Mild winters and warm summer ensure enjoyment of the beaches all year round. Climate is similar to a Mediterranean climate, but winter is from June to October. Where one beach is slightly cold another could be warm, and either side of the country is equally scenic and does not lack for tourist activities, comfort, cafeterias, and hotels.

Cultural Attraction

A strange mix of cultures is Cape Town

Cape Town – diverse cultures leaving their marks

Many diversified cultures have settled in this strange and beautiful place, each culture leaving its print on the landscape. Some of the notable cultural attractions are the Victoria and Alfred waterfront built at the docks on Port of Cape Town; it is a tourist attraction and one of the most visited shopping places hosting several hundred shops. The Two Oceans Aquarium. Waterfront has the gateway that leads to Robben Island. You can take a ferryboat to visit Hout Bay, Simon’s town, and Cape Fur Seal colonies.

Nature Lovers
Those who are nature lovers will like seeing the unusual selection of species in this unique setting. What is most important is the abundant presence of seals, dolphins, whales, Orca whales. Not only that, but each of these are available with distinct types. Dolphins are present, and the types are Heaviside Dolphins and Dusky Dolphins. Countless attractions and shows are provided that involve Dolphins, Whales and whatever else you can or can’t think of. Huge aquariums depicting several types of their unusual species and not forgetting the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Diverity at its Utmost

The Cliffs Side of Cape Town

Botanical Bounty
Cape Town offers numerous botanical attractions and the place is literally a botanical bounty so that, even those who are not nature lovers will be unable to resist the attraction of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. It is abundant in flora and fauna, shapes, color, shades; it is like seeing heaven on earth. It is to be noted however that it is at its best between August and November, the summer in South Africa.

Visit South Africa and particularly Cape Town for a vacation that will be unequaled in your lifetime.

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