Dark Room – Just a Metaphor or more!

The Dark Room – Just a Metaphor or more!

“I am in a dark room – I see nothing, and all around me, there is absolute darkness. “Is it realy dark?” , but it is my room, and I am in a safe place, and I am not afraid.

I reach to the left and to the right, and I know exactly where everything is. I do not need any light to guide me. It is my safe place – my room, my home – I keep saying that to myself.

Even in the darkness, I get things done. I can reach the other side of the room, and I know where the bed is, the mirror, the window…..

In fact, I can open the cupboard and get whatever I need in the darkness. After all, it is my place.”


“There comes a time when I do not feel so safe in my room. The darkness is cloying, suffocating, taking all my breath away – I have no idea why, but I know that that is the truth.

A beam of light comes out from under the door or maybe from the window or even a little flashlight. At that moment, warmth spreads through me, I can see better, handle things better, and perhaps I will not hit my toes in the dark….

It does not feel so cloying, that beam of light illuminated my room and with it my life.”

“Did I really need that little amount of light to get around? – I was doing just fine. Now, I can see little potholes that I had not seen before, and perhaps I did not need to do see them. Wasn’t I better off not seeing them?”

“I do not want to see those potholes or have to deal with them. Why did I have to let in the light that revealed what I had perhaps known existed but did not want to acknowledge or see so clearly?”

“Can I go back, turn off the beam, and go back to my safe place where I can just move around and still get things done.”

“But eventually I would have tripped into those potholes, wouldn’t I? So, it is better that I know where they are and how to avoid them. Or at least how to deal with them even if I think that dealing with them made me get results that are not really to my liking – at least at that moment!”

Some of the holes I will ignore, others I will deal with, and the most important of them are those that I will be able to mend. Those are really going to make a massive difference in my life.

What about those that can never be mended, that might make irrevocable variations to my life? Why did I have to expose them?

They would have come out eventually, in their own time, and at that moment, I might not be able to deal with them.

Knowing, seeing, dealing…

Are you sure that I am better off knowing, seeing, and dealing?

Staying blind might have been the answer – and just going on…

No, the break would have come, with the consequences of a chance that you had not prepared for. That is why bringing in the light at your own time, dealing and improving is the better option.

And, if in the process, some things or a lot of things fall out of the loop – be sure that that would have happened but without awareness as your weapon. For those things that stand the trial of light, are the things that will survive anything and are those that are for keeps.

Shine the light in your life, at your own time and bring about the change that can only be for the better irrespective of the causalities – those would have been lost one way or the other!



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