Decrease Waste – The Least We Can Do

Decrease waste, is the least any of us can do in an effort at sustainable measures. Sustainable measures are not just a topic for boardrooms and conferences, but it is a way of life that we need to adopt as our role – the role of each one of us – to help in sustaining our environment and using Eco-friendly products.

The effort that we can partake in can be divided into two portions: sustaining what we have and decreasing waste. or using plastic free products.

Sometimes the solution to a problem is so simple that we fail to see it, simply because it is so obvious.

Taking the example of excessive waste all over the world, the efforts that are being made to get rid of waste – either as a product of an industry, or as waste materials from our daily uses. So, why is it that we as individuals don’t make more than a marked effort to just reduce the waste products that we get to throw away on a daily basis.

It might sound as if we are stating the obvious, but sometimes in the rush of life as we know it today we just might miss things.

Some simple tips that might just be a cornerstone for reducing wastes.

  • There are a variety of vegetables that we do not need to peel – in fact, most of the nutrients are embedded in the peel or just directly below it. Some of these are; zucchini, cucumbers, eggplants, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and more once we start searching. In fact, it is even easier not to peel the veggies!!!
  • Buy reusable water bottles for your children and fill them overnight as a precaution for the morning rush.
  • A lunch box is better and healthier than the plastic wraps in which we wrap sandwiches for our children.
  • Fresh fruits mixed in the mixer are a healthier alternative for our children than the carbonated beverages that they drink and throw the pack away – prepare and pack in reusable zero-waste products overnight. Takes but a few minutes and we could teach our children to make them themselves as they grow.
  • Working in the kitchen, we could use micro fiber wiping towels as opposed to paper towels – it was a surprise to me how much paper and money I saved.

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