Then and now
We may not remember the days when women and girls were not allowed the privilege of education like their male counterparts. A girl was locked at home to do the washing and the dishes.
Despite that, women fought to get educated. Even in those times, a lot of women have achieved great successes while numerous others have been able to get an education, prove that she is as good as her brother, cousin or neighbor.
This revolution on the part of women and girls, has led to the feminist movement that we live through nowadays. As such, rigorous plans should be undertaken to educate women and aid them, not hinder them.

Ways to educate women or enhance their education.

Then and Now

Education for women

• Bring education into the home
For underdeveloped, developing and even developed countries; a good way to make sure that every girl has a chance at an education; is to bring the education into the home by whatever means that is possible. So that, even those girls who can’t reach the schools can still get that education. Some of these means are book donations, internet, libraries, online studies, and so much more.
• Charity foundations
Charity foundations could be a great helping hand in educating women. Charity does not just mean the provision of food or medications. It is the providing of education through classes, adult education, skill education, teaching life techniques. Teaching a girl to be educated and have a skill is much more important than giving provisions.
• Status
The status of the girl or woman should be considered since some cultures get girls married as soon as she is of age – at  puberty. This puts her in a life of drudgery, suffering, and disease. Getting to her and others like her some kind of education in the form of adult education that can be provided by missionaries, churches, volunteers, and others. She will grasp the chance and get a good education and grasp some skills that will help her in life.
• Grants and funding or women
Since our major issue in most cultures is the educating of our women, who for decades had been left behind. Then, if special funding is made for the education of women that is just a logical step to be taken. Grants; for those girls who have special gifts or a love of learning but do not have the funds. We need to give them that and a girl who has a special talent or gift can be helped to get to use it and nurture it to fruition.
• Women-specific environments
Create women specific environments, schools, and competitions. This might seem against feminist views but actually, it is a space where they can thrive, build their confidence, find out all their capabilities, get a chance to improve on their skills, gain a sense of belonging, and search for their preferred fields of study. Once that has been achieved they get to face the world as stronger individuals, already has made strides in a specific field then, they are out and among their male counterparts; not less but maybe more.
• Individual abilities
Not every person has the same abilities as the next person, that is, of course, the same for women and girls. And, if she is just trying to make sure that she gets an education she might not have the opportunity to discover her own extra or special abilities. This ability could be that she has a special talent in arts, painting, carving, music, mathematics. Some of these areas are incorporated into the education that we are trying to provide. So, the knowledge provider should be trained to look for these skills. And, if the talent is not curriculum based then, classes should be implemented along with formal subjects to ensure these skills are discovered.
• Family
You might wonder what family has to with educating women, but it is family that allows them to be educated or not. So, we need to get to the family and if they need that, make sure they get training in the importance of education for our girls. The results of this will be:
1. If they have a daughter that will aid her in the education process.
2. If they had been planning to get her married, they may change their mind
3. If she had already been married they will help her to finish her education either by backing her, helping with her children, helping her face her husband and so much more.
4. In all cases, they will gain the awareness to be there for their daughters.
To sum up
Educating a woman is the road to a cultured, educated society or a more educated and progressing society. For an educated woman will make sure that her children are not only educated but reach the level of doctorate degrees or research. As for her daughters, the sky will be the limit. Think of the difference in the level of thinking and culture in communities that all are educated versus the communities that more than half of them can barely read or not at all.

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