Emotions – catch them if you can!

Emotions are everything, they control all that is in our lives. It is strange how one minute we are up in the clouds and the next down in the dumps.

Just something that could happen could turn our world upside down – all due to the seesaw swing that is our emotions.

It controls how we react to something or someone, and soon, our whole body is responding to the point that we feel it all over our being. Perhaps, that is why we could even begin to understand why some people who find it hard to deal with what they are going through might even reach the point where they could start to self-medicate. It is but a way to quieten these myriad emotions that could swamp them.

That is not an excuse, but it is a way to understand how far our inner workings could affect our lives.

But not all of us are so emotional, and always each one will see the action from his own point of view and might not even consider the other side of the coin as the saying goes.

Our emotions control us, control the way we deal with anything that comes in our path – be it good or bad – but it should be the other way around.

Supposing we can actually take hold or our emotions and just for a few moments – that will at that time seem like ages –and look closely at the situation, our response, and why is it that we are taking it so hard?

Even extreme happiness is known to be detrimental to our health so, if we could hold our emotions, deal with them, the importance of the intense response, we are giving a situation.

Embody emotions

Those few seconds – for that may be all that is needed – we will find that we might be faced with several options:

  • Take immediate action and speak out in the face of adversary.
  • Respond to an annoyance or rudeness with something that will stop the tirade and, at the same time, make us feel better.
  • Talk straight to a person who is flattening you – if he doesn’t mean it, he will take care and if he does, will understand that that is not allowed.

These will moderate our response, and we will find that even happy moments are dealt with more rationally, so we do not go through a crash when those emotions are past or when something not so pleasing happens. In essence, the transition could be more than some peoples’ strength of emotions could take.

Psychology has been a study that has been ongoing from the time of Freud – all based on our emotional side, our response to happenings, either past or present.

Just think if we could hold our emotions, take them in hand and look at them physically and objectively – life just might be so much easier and less painful.

Sad, happy, miserable, heartbroken – are the emotions that make us human. Surprisingly, when these get out of hand, and we reach the point where we are unable to take anymore, we seem to be staring into space. We are not functioning anymore, that is when we break under the pressure of the pain in our souls – #emotions.

Embodying our emotions, we see them, deal with them, and get up stronger than ever.

We make connections, break #relationships, and break our hearts with them – we are humans!

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