A business starts small – that is a given, but it is your responsibility to grow it and as it grows so will you. Promotional events are a way to grow your business and build a client base but there are promotional events that could be used to raise some much-needed revenue for your business. More than that it actually promotes your business through the interaction that occurs between you and the attendees. Some of these ideas are:

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Partner Events

If yours is a new company and does not have a pool of customers to invite to an event, search for a business in your city that could be willing to co-host. An example of a complimentary business would be like an engineering firm and a renovating firm – they complete each other’s work. This is a terrific way to tap into an audience that is interested in what you have. Also, teaming up with a well-established business lends a certain level of integrity to your own. It is a way to raise some much-needed funds and at the same time promote your business.


Hosting an online event like a webinar is a practical and cost-effective way to connect with customers and would be customers and all it costs them is just a trivial amount of money. But for your business, it adds up. Some topics for a webinar could be:

  • Introducing your company, owner, products or services you provide, ways to reach them; but make it quick and interesting – don’t let it drag.
  • Hosting a demo – a demo or a video of what you offer speaks louder than any words.
  • Make your webinar a knowledge-based webinar – informing customers of changes affecting your business and their relationship with your services
  • Procure the help of loyal clients to share their experience with you – on media and through the web
  • Q&A Sessions – this is quite popular as the client is able to target if your services have what he needs or not. Answers should be quick and to the point while being interesting.


A good seminar presentation has the power to be a good hybrid marketing tool. They combine the benefit of face-to-face contact, with the scalability of a direct mail campaign. I mean that seminars make it possible to speak to 300 people with little more effort than would be required to address just a dozen. A good seminar presentation has two advantages over a one-to-one presentation. First, a seminar positions the presenter as an expert – a congregation has gathered to hear this person speak. And second, a seminar is less invasive than a one-to-one sales presentation, and is easier to promote. The primary objective of your seminar should be to add value to the existing relationships and build more along the way. The time and venue of your seminar will have a direct effect on the result, but it is important that the venue depict your weight in the business. As for the topic, it is best to focus and define one or two topics and give them weight or else you will spread yourself and that will make all the topics lose their importance. At the same time, you want your audience to procure your services so, don’t give it all away.

Training and interaction

If you implement the use of your products with learning new skills, you are sure to get a long list of those who want to attend your training session. That is because customers love to learn. This works even for businesses that are service based. Teaching people hands-on skills is an immense value add. For example, large home upgrading chains began instigating workshops teaching their customers to take on home improvement projects. Not only do they sell everything one would need to complete a project, but they also show them how to tackle it like a pro.

Special Guests for an event

A special guest at your event is a huge draw. An expert in your field or a local is a good example, but you need to let people know of his presence. This is a huge crowd drawer and a great way to raise some revenue. Most times, local athletes are willing to attend events for a fee – could do it for free if tied to a charity. Whatever your business, the key is to provide your guests with an experience that they would not be able to get on their own. And make sure you advertise it beforehand with the simplest ways possible; maybe a flyer or a ticket sale.

Through these ideas and events as a medium to promote your line of business or product, you not only promote that, but you also create traffic for your business. If the event was a live event you have a live audience that most probably will interact and eventually follow your products as a plan A when they need to. It is of utmost importance that when they leave the event they are not bored or frustrated. Keep them happy and interested without giving all of yourself away. After all, you want them to come back. The same is true of virtual events or webinars, the only difference is that the medium is different. Read more at EVENTS

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