Event marketing is the process of developing a themed exhibit, or presentation to promote a product, service, cause, or organization using a personal engagement and presenceEvents can occur online or offline and are taken part in, hosted, or sponsored. In other words, it is the advertising of an event and this is event marketing.

To successfully advertise your event or brand you need some out of the box ideas that will help you along the way.

Funds for your business through event marketing



Raising money for a charity or a cause related to your business is a sure way to create positive effects about your brand as well as doing a part to help change the world.  People will be more than happy to buy tickets, donate money especially if they know it’s for a worthy cause. At the same time, a charity event helps people to see your business and realize that it is not just about business.


People love learning something new, and you are better at teaching them since you are a professional in your field. Your business represents a number of skills that you and your employees and contacts have. These can make for powerful and memorable events while software companies could host training sessions to show customers how to use their products. Wineries can host food-and-wine pairing dinners. Be creative, and think about what knowledge, skills, and understanding might help your client base and is one of the mos successful event marketing strategies.

Live interaction

Live interaction with a product and getting to know a company’s employees, through an event gives them a chance to interact with the product in question. For this event, you can set up hands-on stations whereby they can see how things work for themselves or a chance to actually see your services. A video editing company, for example, might offer customers the opportunity to edit clips, letting them see how the process works and why it could be valuable to them. Live interaction is the shortest route to event marketing.

Change of scenery

A change of scene does wonders, arrange to take your customers for a trip—just a nearby destination—it gets them out of their daily routine, gives them a chance to discover your products and services in an exclusive setting. Book a trip to a B&B and organize your events around it. Maybe a weekend, during which you can showcase your brand – event marketing at its optimum.

Fun Time

Event marketing through family promotions

Family promotions

Planning a day of fun activities, a family day or a fun day for all the family of the invitees is one of the most successful ways to advertise your product or service. It may be planned in your garden or parking lot. Some fun activities such as an inflatable bounce house, games, and a snow cone machine; and invite potential customers to have their family over for the day. These types of promotions work quite well for businesses that are family- and children-oriented. They get people to relax and enjoy themselves, as well as create a good vibe around your brand.

Speaking to your customer

A face to face interaction with interested audience creates a bond or personal touch that invariably leaves a lasting effect. Book a seminar room or conference center and with the help of a well-known speaker; talk about issues related to your type of business or service. A reception or light lunch later gives you a chance to connect with customers and prospects and gives the attendees a chance to talk about the ideas initiated at the event.

Some Play Times

Organize a hike or a rock climbing day with your business as a sponsor or arrange a hike in a local city park. These events, with the sponsorship of your business, give people a chance to get to know you and your employees in an environment that has nothing to do with business but will eventually be beneficial to your business.

Social Media

Social media and as well as interactive platforms give businesses numerous opportunities to reach out to customers and clients virtually. Such events include webinars, call-in sessions, Facebook contests or other use of organized space and time. This brings people together virtually, not just with each other but with your business as well. There are other platforms as well; twitter, google+, Instagram, among others. The list is endless and could be your ultimate right hand.

 Use Pictures and Videos

Posts that contain pictures and videos attract the most views on social media sites, to the extent that Facebook gives priority to posts with pictures and videos. These could be:

Event marketing through visual tools

Graphical Presentation

  • Pictures and reviews of past events.
  • Photos and videos of speakers.
  • Infographics related to your content.
  • Testimonials
  • Videos that offer a peek at your content


Search engine optimization SEO is the magic wand in our world today. You just have to wave it and spread your brand name or business name for the search engines to pick. And, it works like magic and you find potential customers visiting your website and searching your brand. On your website; implement the top phrases that define what your brand is about, and you will get your desired customers. Then, optimize your event website pages with those keywords in the file names, tags, headings and body. Not only that, you can optimize your images using keywords in image file names. And, do not forget to optimize pages for your own unique event name. For more on events read articles in Our Blog, and EVENTS

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