Frills, ruches, ruffles, garnishes, makeup, perfume – are the essentials of everyday life for many people, and that reaches the extent where these become the sole focus or perhaps becomes a business. It becomes their daily target to have others have such garnishes as a necessity in their every day.

Looking to the other side of the coin, some people live their life – a single day at a time – they don’t even have the luxury of thinking about tomorrow. To them, it is a hand-to-mouth approach, and it is not for lack of trying, but it is the only way that they can live. There is no ‘every day’ for them as they barely have enough energy to fight the factors they face every single day.

Virtual trip

Let’s take a virtual trip and see what their lives are like because in our selfishness we do not see anyone else:

  • They live from hand to mouth.
  • Some days some people have nothing in hand to provide for a day’s needs.
  • They look for work on a daily basis – for some, there is no regular work.
  • A smile is a strange happenstance – all like people gather to join in the fun.
  • Children learn to work as soon as they learn how to work.
  • Pot luck – when one family manages to have cooked a potful of food, it is a lucky day, and they share with their neighbors.

It might seem as if these poor people are unhappy, but that is quite the opposite, they have learned to appreciate what those who are better off – think of as for granted.

For us, we might afford to laze around and find faults in our lives; for others, they look for the least thing that could elicit happiness, and they hold on to the moment. And they spread it.

Going through COVID-19 has been an illumination on all levels, while some were looking for sanitizers, masks or gloves — others were deprived even of the option of looking for work —  or shall we say being allowed to search for the bread of the day!

A picture speaks louder than words, what about a video…..

Or a story told in the video of a song that depicts precisely what we try not to see in our self-focused attitudes — everyday life for others not so lucky.

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