A music podcast and streaming service Spotify gives a digital rights management-protected content through record and media companies. Its basic features are free and with ads, and additional ad-free, improved quality, downloads, are through paid subscriptions. Music can be browsed or searched by artist, album. Users can create, edit, or share playlists and tracks on any social platform and then make playlists.


Royalties are paid to artists depending on the number of streams for his music, as a ratio of total songs on the whole service. Artists can make new releases on the premium service which is the paid section of Spotify, and this enhances his presence which will give followers. And this, in turn, will increase his royalties.


Spotify offers three types of subscriptions;

  1. free – contains ads, limited mobile listening, normal quality, no offline listening;
  2. premium – free of ads, unlimited mobile listening, enhanced sound quality, listening in offline mode;
  3. family – free of ads, unlimited mobile listening, enhanced sound quality, and offline listening.
  4. Also, there is a special subscription for students with a discount which is a premium but only at half price as long as they are active students.


Spotify offers a special program for artists where they can buy plays and/or followers. This is offered as a first step for the artist to start attracting users to listen to their songs or music. It is a cycle whereby once an artist buys some plays or followers, then it is recorded that that particular song, artist or album has that number of users listening. Then, this encourages other users to try and listen and see what it all is about which in turn increases his listeners and so on. Of course, there are several offers for buying plays or followers each with a different price and a different number of plays.

As such, it is encouraged that an artist should buy Spotify Followers and thus start a wheel of success for his songs or music. This feature offered by Spotify – buy Spotify Followers is one of the features that makes Spotify unique in that it gives the artist that first stepping stone that lifts him up onto that first step of the ladder. The next steps come one by one to ensure the success of an up and coming artist in a circle where there are so many others that any stepping stone is a blessing.


One of the splendid features offered is that this application is available on almost all platforms and operating systems that support smartphones, laptops, or PC – android, windows, Mac, iOS, and more.


Followers are the power source for all artists. A sturdy fan base makes your music future assured to be bright. Followers do not just buy your music but they also encourage others to buy it either directly by sharing on social media or indirectly by increasing likes, plays, or views. This is where Spotify comes in; to bring the artist and the followers together on one platform through showing all action on a sort of catalog while at the same time giving the artist that first opportunity to say “I am here”. Buying of some plays or some followers, followers become your fans and then, they will bring more followers behind them, because they, in turn, will follow the initial followers.


There are several packages available on Spotify and these are the most common:

  • Starter: this is by far the most attractive offer for new members and starting For a mere $ 49 there are 500 followers, 1000 plays, as well as real and safe promotion, music blog promotion, music network promotion, and social media promotion.
  • Basic: this is even more attractive because for almost double the price the artist gets much more than double offers. For a sum of $ 99 there are 1000 followers, 3000 plays, as well as real and safe promotion, music blog promotion, music network promotion, and social media promotion.
  • The standard, ultra and super at $ 149, $ 299, $ 499; respectively – they give much more plays and followers but the new thing in these offers is the feature of posting your music to popular music blog with 4, 6, 8 posts respectively. They also offer to report links. We can only say these are great offers and money well spent.


At the onset of our lives, or when a dream is just out of reach, we need all the help we can get. So, if you can get that help for a meager amount of money that will otherwise be spent anyway then, get that help and use Spotify.

As an artist, you need followers to follow your work, listen to your songs and keep track of the work you provide. The more followers the more you are a successful artist, exactly like the likes to a certain video on YouTube.


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