The giraffe, that beautiful, graceful creature that is a symbol of grace, beauty, peacefulness but what is so maddening is that we always thought that there is an abandonment of giraffes all over the world – that is not the case. Giraffes are facing extinction but rather silently. First, because we are unaware and second, because they are legally helped along the horrible descent into extinction – all in the name of human pleasures. Which is an extravangance that can be replaced by an artificial giraffe print alternative.

It is normal to get a leopard print, or a giraffe print material as a design for a coat or bag, what is not acceptable is to get a giraffe coata real giraffe skin fashioned into a coat, a bag and many other accessories. Not only that, but in recent years products have flooded the markets that are made from giraffe parts – a booming trade that is not only flourishing but legalized – what are the number of giraffes that are being killed to cover the demand?

Giraffe skin - used for product

Giraffe skin – used for product

The variation of products that are available using giraffe skin is daunting to say the least, cowboy boots made from the leather, luxury pillows from hide, knives from giraffe bones as trophies, bible covers, furniture covered with skin, taxidermy trophies – skulls, bones, hair is fashioned into bracelets, and more.

Of course, she is a strikingly beautiful animal, each one with a unique design to its coat but that is no excuse that its exotic beauty should be a bane since it is targeted for supplying those who seek these exotic products. Still, it is a cycle and not completely the fault of the buyers; after all they are humans, with human weakness. And, when they see such beautiful products on display – well they get to buy it.

The problem is that such vendors have legal licenses to sell such products, and the manufacturers have licenses to import the parts necessary for manufacturing these products. It goes without saying that the licenses are legal.

Giraffe hide furniture

Giraffe hide furniture

And that brings us to the existing problem, the killing for the supply of these products is still legal and the horrifying result is that over the last decade approximately 40,000 giraffe parts have been sent to the US alone, not to mention other countries,  from a study by the Humane Society International – HSI. In other words, nearly 4000 giraffes were killed to provide this number of products to flood the markets. Meanwhile, the giraffe population has dwindled by 40 percent – by the HSI – in the last three decades alone.

This beautiful animal is going extinct, but she is doing it silently, going as quietly as she has lived with us, we are legalizing this extinction. Unlike her counterparts the lion, the rhinoceros, the hippo, the tiger, and more; there was an outcry for a stop. More sustainability @

Not so for the giraffe, she is killed for her beauty, and she is going too quickly and silently. Something needs to be done, and for the first step no buying of the products and please, no hunting for pleasure.

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