Green juice

A glass of green juice – you look closely, and you see the famous green juice that everybody is talking about – celebrities like to drink as their morning breakfast or just that first meal of the day – a green smoothie – a mix of fresh ingredients all in  one glass.

All you can say when you see that green slimy juice in your glass – YUCK. And I am with you, who wants to drink something like that first thing in the morning or even the afternoon – green, thick, contents unknown….

Yes, it might look yucky but if you take some fresh spinach and do it yourself, prepare your mindset that you are going to do it and that you like it for all the good that it will do to you. You will then find that you are quite convinced of it and that you like it. At that point, you find that the color does not annoy you, nor does the consistency. And why should it, you made it yourself and you know what is it that you put inside.

There are so many ingredients for the famous green juice, and all I can tell you to that effect is, DO NOT STICK TO ONE RECIPE BUT VARIATE AND CONFORM TO WHAT YOU HAVE IN THE FRIDGE.

And why not, sometimes you will use oranges, apples, celery, cucumbers and what not. Another time, you won’t have any celery, but you do have an apple, and some sweet carrots that could do really well with some spinach and the juice of a couple of lemons.

Don’t restrict yourself to certain ingredients or put yourself in the bracket that every day it is just green, and you hate the look of it.

Sometimes it could be orange in color as well as ingredients and with just some celery and lemons to spike it up.

Keep the habit and enjoy what you put inside, and I would like to show you how good it is for you:

  • It regulates the digestive process.
  • Taken first thing in the morning – you get all the goodness of the fruits or veggies.
  • Since it is a mixture – you get a little bit of each ingredient and that is so much better than eating a whole fruit at once as that is just one type of
  • A little bit of each ingredient – your body absorbs all you have given it.
  • It contains all nutrients in small amounts so, it is satisfying, nourishing, healthy,
  • Great for losing weight – gives a feeling of fullness, helps the body burn, and keeps you going till the next meal. The scales will shift!
  • Does not deprive the body of anything it needs.
  • Easily digested so ensures complete absorption.
  • It is great for the skin and a good source of collagen – from the cucumbers / zucchini / anything
    Green juice - or smoothies in a bottle

    Green juice – or smoothies in a bottle

    else that contains collagen in pure form.

The last piece of advice – you do not need to do it on a daily basis – you can make several days use at once.

Get beyond the color, do it yourself, and enjoy it – believe it or not, it works magic. And to make sure you have all the ingredients that you need visit this page – I search for you – and get all you need fresh.





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