The other side

Every coin has two sides – heads or tails – the side we see or want to see and the one hidden from us. The saying, ‘the other side of the coin’ – is so true, but we only see or want to see the side with the drawing for that is more interesting and attractive to the eye, and the details are more catching.

Turn the coin and look.

But why should I? For, I have all that I want to see on this side, and the other is too exhausting and wearing out to just try to decipher the writings and the meanings they convey. So, perhaps, we might give it an uninteresting glance, but we quickly flip it over and go to the drawing depicted on the other side.

Look and feel and try to understand the writings on the side that you do not want to deal with. Once more, we go for the easier route — the one that makes us more comfortable. Or shall we say the one that does not need any effort on our part to try to understand the underlying messages that would have been so clear had we bothered to read the inscriptions on that side that seems too difficult to fathom?

They are not really difficult; it is just that they are ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – as the saying goes, or more likely, we only see what we want to see and hear.

Just a coin, you say, but is it only that or an attitude that humans seem to adopt — to create their own particular comfort zones or areas where they deal only with what they want to deal with?

But that other side could have so many delights and information that could have been useful and so illuminating. Alas, that coin is gone, outdated, and perhaps so many others that had so much effort put into them to create a symphony of information in just that miniature area.

It is gone and done, perhaps the next coin, but does human nature ever change?

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