Homeless I am


“Homeless I am, and you see me – there in the street. And if I am lucky, I hide behind a car, a building. I hide from the cutting wind, relentless, non-stop. I am homeless, and even the warmth of the sun, turning to burning heat – is just part of my day. I feel it not, it is just another day in a life that I know not why I live.

Today and yesterday, I am homeless – will I find just enough food to tide me by – I never think of it. It happens as it does, I think not, and I never worry”.

“And, when you see me – do you even see me, or am I just part of the sidewalk? Are you disgusted with the slime that covers me, with the smell I emanate – it is one with me, always has been”.

We live in the building with the glass doors, the glass windows, the air conditions, or maybe just some fans in the rooms. And, as a day progresses we worry about what we will cook for dinner, or if there is enough fruit for snacks, for a pie.

My son, he needs his pocket money, and is adamant that he will not leave for school unless he has all his pocket money as well as a packed lunch. “Mum are you going to cook those fish fillets that I love for dinner today?”. And surely because I love my son and so do you we will find ourselves doing their favorite dish for dinner, or maybe if not that then another that is a favorite for my other son or yours.

Passing by the glass windows as finish my chores, worn out after a long day of work; at the office and home, do I notice that man, the homeless? I would be lying if I say that I do, sometimes I do, and sometimes I am too busy, or shall I say self-centered to do so.

Even with security, insurance, jobs and money in the bank, we worry. But those who are out there facing the elements, they do not do so – they have more inner peace than we do. This I noticed when I finally came out to relax with a cup of tea, and there he was having an empty loaf that someone just gave him. In fact, he gave him three, and in the narrowness of my mind I thought that he would keep one for lunch. It never occurred to him, he ate what God sent, and never thought of it.

How have we come to be this way, worrying, fretting, all for nothing.

And right there in front of our eyes are those who have nothing, still, they don’t worry about anything. And, how is it that we don’t worry about these homeless people.



How come man has become so selfish, so self-centered, that he doesn’t see his fellow man who has to do without shelter, and

most of the time without enough food to tide him by. Even when he finds food it is never healthy, balanced; the way we fret over our own meals.

Why is it that there are still homeless people on the streets, children who spend all their childhood on the streets – we are well in the third millennium, we are talking about sustainability, preservation of Earth and all that is in it – what about our brothers, children, parents? They are there; and, when in this day and age, will there come a day when there won’t be a homeless person? It is not restricted to one country or some other country, no, even the richest country in the world still has thousands of homeless people.

Homeless children - become homeless adults

Homeless children – become homeless adults

Homeless – I am homeless, do you see me?

Do you feel for me, do you bother to feed me before you cuddle in bed under the warm covers, to sleep, to dream, and stretch lazily?

Feed me, clothe me – yes, but please get me off the street, for I am homeless and have no idea how long I have been that way – time is lost to me and my likes.

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