HR – Despite the huge leaps and strides that it has taken over the past decade, it is not quite keeping up with the pace of change in business and what business leaders require of the Human Resources – HR. This is not the case all over the world but differs in percentage from one country to another.


Several critical factors make reinventing a makeover in HR a necessity

  • A need to deliver greater impact and innovation in the business
  • While talent is rated as a key priority, only a minimal percentage give an excellent rating to their HR.
  • From talking to action, studying the requirements expected from HR.
  • Promoting relations internally with partners, and having HR degrees provided by universities.

A data-driven, agile, and deeply skilled HR is needed to attract, retain talent while at the same time developing itself. As such, a new model is needed and the reskilling of  personnel to enable them to play the role needed in business strategy.

Severity of the problem

With the ever-increasing worry about talent, CEOs and executives find that their company’s HR skills are not what they should be or what is expected of them. As businesses move into the global models, HR has to be leading its company. This is an opportunity to prove it can lead its company into its global market and for that they need to be ahead of the game.

Measures for reinventing

  • It  is being forced to redesign programs to face the ever-demanding workforce.
  • Creating a clear understanding of using data for driving decisions.
  • Using challenges as an opening for the transformation  from an organization for transactions to an advisor and solution provider.
  • In place of managing transactions, integrating policies, and programs, the human resource organization needs to focus on
    HR - seen in the model of real time work

    Graphical presentation

    understanding the needs of the business while delivering valued solutions.

  • New online technology not just to support managers by providing services but also to educate them for a transition to the new shining model.
  • Investment in more skilled personnel is necessary for the reinvention of the  model.
  • A new model will consist of local or land-based personnel who will work in complete accord with their global and online counterparts who act not only as service providers but also as consultants, each as his skills dictates and as the service needed.
  • Human resource personnel should understand and implement in their work plan, the need for continuous professional development.

The essential point is that human resource departments in any business need to clear their act and rise to the occasion at the forefront of any business. This means a radical change to meet the rising pressures especially as their personnel are the main go to for the solution of an issue. Since their position is the front of their companies, then why not be up to what is needed of them?

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