Beautiful – what is it to be beautiful, and what a strange question that is?

We all know what it implies to be beautiful, and perhaps how to make ourselves beautiful.  

  • Silky hair, or we make it so!
  • Shapely body, or starve ourselves to reach that, or perhaps that surgeon just might give us a tuck here or there!
  • Makeup – loads of it.

But is perfection the synonym of beauty?

Do we have to be perfect for us to be termed as beautiful and, in fact, even see ourselves as beautiful?

Not every flower is perfect, yet each flower has its own particular beauty, and as we look at it, and since we have categorized it as a flower – so, we look for the beauty though it just might not be that obvious in each and every flower.

Then, why are we so judgmental towards ourselves and other humans like us? We have created a stereotypical type of beauty that is not left to models alone.

Can that ever change?

Happily, yes!

And this is where – I am beautiful even if you think I am not – comes in.

Ellie Goldstein is an eighteen-year-old with Down syndrome, and yet she is a model.

Do not gasp or be surprised, yes, that is right, she is a model with downs syndrome, has been modeling since she was fifteen, and the most surprising yet hope-giving aspect of the whole issue is that lately, has become Gucci’s new face as she stars in a beauty campaign. A campaign labeled as ‘Unconventional Beauty’ – a series that aims to explore emerging talents that are far away from the stereotypical beauty as we know it. It seeks to include disabilities in an industry that had always looked for perfection as though we have somehow managed to carve those prerequisites in stone!

Ellie Goldstein – is one cornerstone that was seen as unimportant – nevertheless, she is rewriting the rules, changing mindsets.

Not just a model with nothing else on her plate, she loves reading, dancing, drama, and a deep passion for the performing arts.

Ellie is outgoing, confident, her smile says it all!

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