The aftermath would imply that the #pandemic is over or on its way to be over. That is definitely not the case for in some countries; if not most, the cases are soaring to unprecedented highs. Yet, to all intents and purposes, governments are reacting as if we are leaving it behind — perhaps that is the case, but only as far as looking out for the economy may be concerned.

For others, who still have no jobs, only get half of the usual pay, or are #staying at home – they are waiting for that aftermath. Those are the lucky ones, shall we be brave enough to say that?

Others who had initially faced the lockdown away from their home countries because they had sought jobs abroad in the hope of more income to cover the needs of those who may be ailing or old – are waiting for solutions as their problems escalate.

Laughably, these people are stranded away from home, most of them jobless, and they are waiting for their families to send them any money so that they could either go back home or at least be able to feed themselves until they find jobs!

Is that a case of turned tables?

No, it is a dilemma on all levels for a while, some have acclimatized themselves to work online, are getting back to work with restrictions, the other side of the coin that we barely bother to look at is really dark.

Some have lost even the four walls that they called home, others are selling any wares just to feed themselves.

As for the worst of the lot – stranded away from home with no money or a job – nothing to say!

A situation faced by many across the globe, and if that is the aftermath of the #pandemic, how much more is there yet to come?

Perhaps, it is time to pull up our sleeves and deal with #sustainability #climate #eco-systems #deforestation – just some of the issues that we keep postponing but till when?

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