Sometimes, sharing a precious moment is the unsurpassed way to make a connection with someone. This is not just anyone, but it is you who gets to see and feel this moment in time and share it with me.

My heart was so full of pain and disappointment that it physically hurt me, and I needed to expend this negative energy somewhere. It had been this way for several days after the last disappointment. And, it seemed as if my life was just a series of down after down, and I had reached an impasse in my life. So, since I had no work at the moment, I went for an early morning walk.

Somehow, it always depressed me more when I saw trees being trimmed – a symbol of lack of freedom, cutting of wings, or keeping something in its place; it didn’t matter the interpretation, but the action. This was the first thing I saw as I made my way into the park. I was hoping some plants would manage to escape the butchery.

I looked up at the bare trees, all still bare from the dry winter they had been through. Still, they were too tall to be trimmed, so I was glad they escaped the scissors, the ax. The feeling was similar to my own feelings, a long dry winter was what my life had been. Chafed and dry and broken in places, healing slowly in others. I looked up and shielded my eyes from the glare of the sun.

Then, I got the surprise of my life, for there at the very top of the tree, life was being manifested anew. For the crown of the tree, so high and regal, was covered completely with lavender flowers. Tiny and too numerous to count, they covered all the top of the tree, and not just that tree but all the trees in the row.

Unbelievable beauty, when all that had been seen from below were the old dry trees. Hope and faith blossomed in my heart at the sight that met my craned neck. My spirit lifted and soared to match the beauty displayed by the lavender, and the early morning suddenly had a new dimension.

And, I wanted that; the feeling that you are your own person, no one will control or snip the most innocent parts of yourself. I want that and will start the fight anew, like the regal trees. Then and there, I decided to cherish every precious moment that came my way.

After the long winter comes the spring that will invariably fill our life with color and scents, a garden-full of options for our lives, not just the flowers. We just have to see the hope and reach out for the choices that come into our lives. We may need to crane our neck, but up there and inside us, flourishes new life all over again – do not underestimate the power inside you and me.

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