Love our world


Sometimes, just to give back to what we have taken so much from is not difficult, it just never occurs to us.

Taking becomes the norm of our lives, taking from our parents, our surroundings, our friends, our family – it matters not, for it seems it is ours to take.

Is that really the case, for if we take love from our loved ones, and we do not give back it simply depletes until there is nothing for us there, and at that moment we stop, we are dumbfounded that there is no more but then, did we even water that little plant-ling that had been growing between us, did we take the time to even think if it needed watering  – no.

Take the example of a married couple, they will marry for love and think that will last a lifetime as if it is magic, but for that to happen it needs daily watering and do not take that literally!

It needs a good word, some kindness, appreciation – little things that are just giving back to what we take from or else, it just goes POOF.

So, when we keep taking from our resources, the day will come when those resources simply deplete out – if not for us, then for our children after us.

How do we expect the earth to keep giving when all we do is take irrespective of what ravishing we leave behind?

  • Tearing down forests.
  • Shearing trees just because they get in the way.
  • Killing animals for their hide, skin or just horns.
  • Hunting an animal just because it was endowed with some fur.
  • Keeping animals that we kill for meat even when we know that this depletes our resources, our oxygen.
  • Burning debris and burning up our oxygen with it.

The list is endless, all we have to do is look around us, or in the seas and see what damage and debris we leave for others to remove.

Who are those others?

A question that has no answer simply because we don’t think of it….

As we take from our surroundings without thinking so, we do the same with each other….




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