As old as time may be an out-of-place expression for most things – but not in this case. In #Egypt, Mummies as old as time, for they had been here with the beginning of times on #earth are moving from their resting place where they have been for more than a century.

Resting place might imply burial ground unless you are several thousand-year-old mummies preserved in a complicated mummification process that has defied scientists to date.

The mummies passed in a parade designed to look, feel and sound exactly as if it were in those glorious times of the #pharaohs. Moving on to their new resting place were 18 kings and 4 queens as they went from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir square to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. A golden parade that by all standards gave justice to the might era of the pharaohs.

King Ramses – who made the first known peace treaty.

Queen Hatshepsut – a woman ruler at a time when no women became pharaohs.

“The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has done its best to make sure that the mummies have been stabilized, conserved, and are packed in a climate-controlled environment,” said Salima Ikram, professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo.

Decorated vehicles fit for ‘Kings’ – golden, bright, – with a vehicle for each mummy did the honor of carrying its precious burden to the new museum.

#Egypt is making its ancestors proud!

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