Music; the Way it Influences and Improves our Life

Music is the one universal language that no one differs about – and no music creation can ever belong to a single country. It is another name for freedom, harmony, serenity, achievement, swiftness and more. It is a semblance of nourishment for the soul.

As is the situation when we deal with substantial food, there are many types of music such as light, irate, silky, dreamy, reckless, and slow music. The list is limitless. and so are the instruments used – musical instruments of all kinds and sizes as well as different places of origin.

Unswerving Effect

An interesting fact is that sorrowful music could actually make us have the blues since it will have the effect of reminding us of nostalgic or sad events. The equivalent is the situation with the angry genre since it either makes you angry or is a trigger for us to improve our performance. Fast beat – is indispensable when we are working out or out for a walk or a run. Romance without some music playing is almost flavorless. And, when we are going through some painful incident, we are unable to listen to any sad music, we need something happy, the kind that will suffuse light into our lives.

Stepping Stone

Having reached that threshold, it is a foregone conclusion that we could be able to use it as a stepping stone on a road to amend our lives. Even in a work environment, some light music will greatly enhance the mood and as such the performance of the work we do. Likewise, it is a known fact that patients react to treatment much better in a relaxed environment where music is playing.  Therapists find that their work without some of the light variety during sessions is so much harder; that kind of ambiance initiates a setting that relaxes both the client as well as the therapist. Recent studies have shown that students’ performance is much enhanced when they listen to anything that motivates them. So, individuals who find difficulty in studying could try listening to what they favor while studying.

Since we can sense its effect on us, the normal conclusion is that our bodies react physically to it. Medical research has proven beyond doubt that it brings down blood pressure for those just with elevated blood pressure. Sleeping without pills for those who have insomnia is almost impossible, but it is possible with dimmed lights and light music. It has the capability to change a mood due to the release of dopamine – it is the chemical responsible for mood change.

Depression is the root of so many complications nowadays, but it could be limited and lowered bit by bit by using music, not only during therapy but especially when alone. Concentration, anxiety, pain, grief, lack of stamina, loneliness, stroke, and more are in line to be solved with some listening to a genre that we like but not metal since that has a rather negative effect.

It is there in the sounds of nature, the singing of birds, the whistle of the wind, and what we all seek and dash to – the sound of waves on the beach – it is the sound of our healing souls.

Surely everything in nature was made for us to use, so, why not the sound of nature – Music.


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