Nickels and dimes

Where are my nickels and dimes? And the next question would be –what is the use of those near-zero nickels that you are looking for?

But let us see them as they are – just a tiny nickel, or a dime, and do they even exist anymore?

No, they do not.

A nickel here, or in today’s currencies – a pence or a cent. And, there in the corner is a large empty jar. Down into the jar, I throw in the lone cent or even a dollar coin.

As the days pass, more of his brothers join him, and I am frustrated that the jar is so large, and oh, how long would it be before I can even have a ten dollar that I can, use. After a while, I forget to observe the jar, and as the days pass, one at a time, every time I find any coin I throw it in.

The day comes, when that dust-covered jar in the corner doesn’t make much noise as I throw in the coin through the slot. And maybe a year today and this time I can barely push in the coin – the jar is full!

Unbelievably, I pull it out and it is full – counting it, I get a whopping sum that I never knew could have been there – my nickels have added up!

Oh, I catch my breath as the simile comes to my mind.

Oh, my nickels and dimes

I look for you

I throw you in my jars

I think not – just a little one here or there

Maybe letting something go

A smile for me, for you

Even when you are ugh, or maybe that was me

Just a dime

And the day comes

My  jar is full for you

And yours for me

But oh, for the empty jar, from which we take and never put in, and when we do put in a tiny dime, we ask for the price there and then!

My empty  jar

Can I fill you?

Can you find anything in there?

Just a jar

Harsh – old

Not much use

For it is take

Never put

So, why am I expecting it to yield?

Bare – empty

Nickels and dimes

Lost forevermore…..

Look you say

But I know

They are gone


Stand in front of your jars – 1, 2, 3

One is full – all that you put in – and counting…

Two is empty – maybe just a few rusted, bleeding coins

And, so is three…

Maybe we could fill them – but no – perhaps never. Other jars will come along and will fill….

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