Nuggets for thoughts

Nuggets for thoughts, thoughts swimming in and out of mind, and they have nothing to do with what is seen on your face — Sometimes that would not be socially acceptable. For with painful thoughts come tears. No, we are not allowed to cry in public, for that does not fit the decorum or generally accepted way of behavior. Or perhaps, you may be at work, and something comes up that could make your heart break. Bottle it up, go on with the task — that is what could be acceptable. Any change in the bland expressions we go around with, and we get, ‘penny for your thoughts, or this is not the place for this or that’.

On the other end, a little snippet or something funny for the brain is a funny instrument that picks from here or there. A smile will surface of perhaps a little laugh that might actually be conducive to work –  why should a laugh erupt or a smile that has no cause pass over the otherwise bland faces in the workplace?

Nuggets to think about:

  • Humans are a bundle of emotions, yet so many rules and regulations under the umbrella of social ethics make even an innocent smile be considered out of place.
  • Ethics are a good thing and takes people into the realm of civilized – still, what is too much and what is just OK?
  • Is it only about thought and smiles? Or have we made so many rules that cause a bottling that later causes #emotional issues #emotional eruptions in varying degrees, likening that to the character of #The Mask – a film loved and adored by millions? The mask here portrays the inner emotions of the wearer – emotions that are hidden.
  • Concentrate on this, do this, do that – and we lose the flavor of even a task/job/career we love!

So, a nugget for you, for me, for us – to think about – have we become so much of micromanagers that we forget to be what we say so loudly that we are?

  • Kind?
  • Gentle?
  • Nice?
  • Funny?
  • Can you take a joke?
  • Calm?

Tension is the fashion of the day!

Have a nice day!

And pass by the therapist on the way…

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