Getting your family outdoors and on the go is a priority especially in the summer when your kids have too much time on their hands and are glued to any type of technology. It does not have to be a trip or a camping expedition neither do you have to make it seem like a chore but once you find some fun activities for both children and adults to take part in, that is irresistible – and thanlfully, you have them out of the doors.

Outdoor games at the beach.

Beach Games – Outdoor


If you happen to be living near the beach then, you will have no problem whatsoever to find activities for the summer that are outdoors. These are family or group activities as such we can all participate. A water fight is safe and fun especially on the beach, bubble blowing is surprisingly lovely, and tools are simple, building sand castles with your children or your loved one is not only fun but creates great memories and shows your children’s skills, water slides, swimming, and so much more. Get to the beach for those fun times together.



Innovate in outdoor games

Backyard Games – Outdoor


It is quite surprising the number of outdoor activities that we can set up in our own backyard. There are water slides for a backyard, sack racing, spike ball is a new and challenging game, horseshoe throwing, frisbees, and still more.  Put up a basketball net and let the fun begin. Just go to your local toy store or even supermarket for an endless variety that is also kind on your budget.


As the winter sets, we seem to think that the only thing to do is huddle indoors. That is definitely not the case, just make sure you have all winter safety instructions and get out with your children or partner.

Sledding on the snowy slopes, skiing, snowboarding, and more ice games. You can also have some backyard games and their advantage is that warmth is just a step away; building a snowman in your own backyard, a snowball fight is fun and safe. What about some great old basketball, handball or any other energetic games that you can practice with your family all while bonding together. And, don’t underestimate yourself in what you can improvise.


Outdoor games in winter are fun

Winter Games – Outdoor

Get moving

The important thing is to get moving and with minimal or no spending you can have some healthy fun as well as bonding time. Of course, if you are going away for a few days then you will be spending, and you also need to make adequate preparations. In this case, it is good to teach each one of your children how to prepare for such activities, the precautions and the measures taken for safety and for the most fun that could be gained. And saying that, it is best to travel prepared for your own games.

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