Trending on social media is the picture of the Kuala, who has managed to make a good recovery after being saved from the burning Australian fires. The story is on National Geographic and was initially broadcast on Good Morning America. Of course, other social media platforms are going to take this success story and spread it.

It is a piece of excellent news and gives hope for other animals and for salvaging what could be salvaged from those devastating fires that have shown no discrimination to what it eats as it goes along.

The fires are raging – still – and the climate is the primary cause for the situation, with high temperatures, excessive drought – fires have such a feast for their merciless tongues!

For the Kuala and other animals to which Australia is their indigenous home, all he can say is “RIP my brothers.”

Hundreds, if not thousands of animals, have met their death as they were burned to death, and despite the triumph of saving one Kuala and what a great effort that is – we only have one earth and one climate. Maybe this fire will be the wakeup call when each one of us digs in and help to save the earth and to take action towards stopping climatic factors that are affecting #life on earth.

  • Decrease our carbon emissions
  • Go green in our lives and food intake.
  • Leave a green print – a positive effect on the environment.
  • Stop extinction so that we have biodiversity in our environment.
  • Stop the use of plastic for a cleaner environment and less trash.
  • Stop the use of corrosive and toxic substances that come back to cause harm.

Perhaps, we can then save more than one Koala, or one Panda in a zoo – for best wishes and glad messages are not enough. The situation needs more from us, so much more….

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