Outdoors, nature is abundant, and we seek venues that are covered in greenery so that we really feel we are outdoors. Outdoor recreation is then a natural pastime while we are out of the confinement of the indoors.

Outdoor recreation is an essential part of a day where we relax, gather our energies and generally refresh ourselves till the next day. All we need are some comfortable clothes and we are ready to go and have fun.


Recreation is when we recreate our energies through doing activities that can only be done outdoors. Outdoor recreation is leisure time spent outdoors pursuing any kind of activity that is specifically for the outdoors and that we personally prefer to do.

Outdoors we find any of these activities


Types of outdoor recreation                             

There are many types of outdoor recreational activities that are in a natural or semi-natural setting, in the town or out of town. Some of these are; cycling, hiking, canoeing, camping, riding, hunting, to mention just a few. Of course, some are more popular than others and some that are only practiced by a few specialized and skilled people but generally there those that are easy and accessible to any and all. Outdoor activity equipment is needed for some of these activities, while for some we don’t need except excersise or gym clothes.


The geography of where we live has a direct effect on the type of outdoor activity that we will want or be able to take part in. It is simply impossible for a person who lives in a hot climate country to choose skiing as his type of favorite outdoor activity. Of course, there are indoor skating halls, but it definitely is not the same. And a man who lives in a desert environment could easily practice desert and camel safari, but he would find it impossible to try forest safari or mushroom hunting.


The purpose of outdoor recreation is basically for recreation. Recreation is beneficial on many levels such as emotional and physical. Emotionally we are more stable when we have time for recreation especially outdoors since we expend negative energy and gain positive energy from our surroundings. Physical activity is beneficial to all parts of our body; we breathe better, have more oxygen in our blood, the heart is stronger, muscles are stronger, endurance increases gradually, we get enough vitamin D, and so much more.

So, put on comfortable clothes and comfortable outdoor shoes for men or women, come outdoors for an hour or two and see if it really is better for you and your family or not.

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