Oxygen – Breath of Life

Oxygen for chemists is one of many elements that they work with, and the same is the case with psychists, but to anybody hearing the word, oxygen – breath of life. And when we think of life, we think oxygen.

Sadly, the first thing that happens to a dying person is that they stop breathing so, oxygen is a breath of life.

Its worth is known to one who has come near to drowning, that feeling that you cannot get a breath, is the exact worth of oxygen.

Oxygen – Breath of life and so much more.

  • Without oxygen we would not have water – it is an essential component of forming water molecules.
  • We take in oxygen and release waste gas in the form of carbon dioxide.
  • It helps in cleaning waste water.
  • Pediatric incubators provide a safe environment for infants to develop when they are born prematurely – oxygen is a primary factor to regulate that environment.
  • It is the main constituent of human bodies.
  • Oxygen makes up to 46 percent of the Earth crust
  • It makes up 89 percent of the world seawater.
  • It is essential for burning or using fire – necessary for combustion as in rockets, submarines, welding ….
  • Doctors enrich gaseous anesthetics with oxygen to ensure a patient survives an operation.
  • It is used to revive a patient with heart problems or other medical issues.
  • Oxygen helps the body’s cells function normally.
  • Oxygen is the most important element needed for sustaining life on our planet Earth.


On the other hand, deprivation of oxygen is detrimental to life, and to this end, many factors contribute to the depletion of oxygen.

  • Too much burning especially of fuels like petrol and other forms of fuel.

    Oxygen – Not Just A Breath of Life

    Oxygen – Not Just A Breath of Life

  • Cutting trees or tearing down foliage – plants help us by taking in carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen.
  • Not planting new plants or trees. Put some plants or cacti – indoor or outdoor. There are a lot of decorative pots for indoor plants.
  • Oxygen deprivation is the cause of death or brain damage whatever the reason for it.
  • The level of oxygen – low or high – is a source of stress depending on the biological context.
  • Low levels of oxygen in tissues – hypoxia – can be the consequence of a number of conditions like ischemic disorders and cancer, among others.
  • Oxygen deficiency is a result of factors such as poor diet, air pollution, and wrong method of breathing and lack of exercise. Put on some comfortable exercise clothes and go out for some exercise in the fresh air – a sure way to give your body oxygen. Even if it is just for a walk or a run.
  • The lack of enough oxygen in our cells weakens our immune system which puts us at a risk of numerous diseases.

Oxygen supplements are available that even though they are not the ultimate solution but they are a safe, nontoxic and pH balanced form of bio-available oxygen.









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