Pleasure or pain has long been an issue where any group of people always come to a head, or in other words differ in opinion. Is the act of going outdoors for some fun and recreation a pleasure or a pain?

The only way to deal with this issue is to discuss both sides of the argument and each and every person can make up his or her own mind.


A scraped knee is a small price for the pleasure of climbing.

A woman climbing.

It is a known fact that just getting out into the open makes us feel so much better and that the sight of green areas is a pleasure as well as a comfort to the eye. If we are speaking about green areas, then we will surely get the advantage of the oxygen emitted by plants. This is what doctors and scientists describe as a fresh source of oxygen. Sitting in a green area even with the minimal activity is relaxing and healing and that is why parks are planted with an assortment of trees and plants. Beaches give us another ambiance of being outdoors and there are many outdoor recreations for the beach. Also, clubs and private gardens are planted for the purpose of relaxation and rejuvenation of our bodies. If we add to those advantages, the physical effort we place in a gymnasium through one or more outdoor activity then we surely get benefits of both these pastimes in the outdoor activity that we practice and we find pleasure in each of these activities.


Of course, it is a known fact that some people hate the fuss and mess of being outdoors. This includes muddy places, water-filled places and so on. Water could also harbor some dangerous creatures and so could land. Sun exposure is a key worry for those people who love the outdoors and those energy expending activities. Some people are sensitive to sun exposure and develop allergies not just from the sun and ultraviolet rays, but also from hay and pollen. Yes, there is pain involved in those energy expending activities, the pain is physical that is for sure. A sprain or cramp is also a worry on the best of days.

Summing up

It is lovely to go outdoors either for recreation or just to enjoy the outdoors and while we are about it we could protect ourselves from the elements by covering up, wearing suitable clothes, using sunscreen and anyway we can. This way, we can find all the pleasure to be gained during any outdoor activity.  We also need to remember too much of everything is bad; every day we could go out for a little while but when we are camping or hiking; that is an occasion that is not repeated daily so, it will not have time to leave behind any effects.

A pleasure worth achieving

Mountain climbing.

As for those unforeseen mishaps like a sprain or cramp, take notice they can happen as you descend from a bus. So, letting off some steam, get some sunshine, and working out in a fun way is to be recommended and give unsurpassed pleasure. Why not make it a group trip when you are far from home, as for the near home activities well, home is right there.

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