Poverty of educated minds is when minds are closed and education is just a veneer on the surface.

Poverty is usually only seen as the absence of material things or the state of “not enough” supplies like food and, more importantly, water. This is not minimizing the conditions that some poverty-ridden people are suffering from. Still, it is dealing with just one of the underlying problems that eventually result in these extreme cases of poverty that break the heart and the soul.

Many people are termed – “educated” and could even have a degree to their names. For them, it is a matter of a curriculum that has been hastily scanned before the exam. The subject matter may be vague in their minds or just there. It is not really implemented into their lives and the open-mindedness that happens when we use education to open our minds, to see things differently, and eventually use these sources to a better life, at least in their immediate circle.

The problem is that others rely on that educated category of people, considering them the base of society, and the way that life will move to clearer waters.

Therein lies the problem, the whole category is actually meager in the real education – the kind that opens the mind, promotes research, finds solutions to problems – all that with the use of the education that should open doors to do these things with innovated methodology.  

From here comes – Poverty of the educated minds – these are the portion of society that we rely on to bring up a country, improve it on a day-by-day basis. Their thoughts are limited, they have poverty in what could be termed as resourceful, cultured, educated thought processes that are the only solution to many problems in society. To these people, what education they have to their name is just a veneer that they see themselves in.

It is a case of poverty, and it affects a large portion of a generation. They do not glean the results alone, but things like diseases, pollution, dirt, grime, over-exhaustion of resources, among others that are the direct result of closed minds.

Set back traditions that cause harm to individuals, especially women like female mutilation, child marriage, forbidding women to work, equality in the workplace – are all results of a country poor in the mind.

Once a generation is brought up with open minds – cultured, tuned to sustainable actions and goals – countries will start to find and implement solutions to problems. Then, they will create sustainable paths to follow and which will eventually and gradually deal with the poverty that we see with our eyes – food, water, diseases, and more.

In other words, most countries that have issues with poverty – lack of food, housing, homelessness – are also those who have problems in education.

Rearing a cultured mind where education is to be implemented by each and every person – in his circle, family, village – is the path to a society where poverty problems can be dealt with. Renewing, learning, and developing thought processes that brings up nations into a growing community.

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