Reading – leisure pastime or more


Reading is known as a pastime for leisure or a hobby for the nerds. But is that all that it is, no, it is so much more.

A magazine about celebrities is reading but that is not what it was intended for, on the other hand a newspaper is reading because in a newspaper there are all niches under one umbrella. You will find politics, medicine, science, business, economics, ads, arts, culture, short stories, and even snippets of humor or caricatures.

From the time that man had decided to document all events in his life and create history, reading was initiated. Hence, we get to see that it is a form of transfer of knowledge, across cultures, ages, or generations.

But it was never intended to restrict it to just checking our Facebook, Twitter,

Reading - social media posts

Reading social media posts

and – “I have been reading for an hour” – is the impression that we give ourselves.

Decades past, it was considered illiteracy in underdeveloped countries to find people who can’t manage to read at all. With the progress that flooded the world it later became considered illiteracy if you could not use the computer – especially in developed countries.

The problem that seems to have overcome the youngest generation nowadays is that young people don’t get to read books. Books had been intended to be read – be it novel, science, politics, or any genre.

But the real benefits of reading are numerous like mental stimulation, it is known as a great way of stress reduction, an unlimited source of knowledge, and vocabulary expansion. There are even paperless versions like Kindle for use like a phone and they are environment friendly.

It has also been prescribed for memory improvement and it also improves focus and concentration.

Courses are supplied to improve writing skills, but why should we use them when we have an accessible as well as pleasurable method to improve writing skills – just relax with a book that you like and actually want to read.

Analytical skills are also greatly improved if not downright elevated above average with this beautiful pastime.

With all these advantages why is it so noticeable that most of our children and younger generation don’t go for reading. We should initiate them with it from early childhood; long before school age.

Reading from an early age

Reading from an early age

We buy beautiful illustrated books, storybooks, classics and spend hours enjoying these books with our children.

And as soon as they start growing up a bit and have a smartphone in their hands, they forget about a book that can be held in the hand or even a Kindle edition. All that they want or do is read their social media.

And, if you know how to read but you don’t read, you are not much better than those who don’t know how to read in the first place. Read also A Book and Me  @


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