Recreation is quite important, but we need to differentiate between outdoor recreation and outdoor activities since it is easy to get confused between the two of them. Not all outdoor activities are for recreational purposes, but all recreation carried out outdoors is a form of physical activity.

For example, mowing a loan is an outdoor activity but it is not for recreational purposes. Removing snow from the streets is an outdoor activity but again it is not for recreational purposes but is a job that needs to be done.

So, activity is the state of being active and in this case outdoors, while recreation is any activity that is carried out to divert, relax, amuse, or stimulate.

It provides

  • Fresh air has more oxygen.
  • Greenspaces raise serotonin levels – happiness hormones.

    Any activity is a recreation in our lives

    Girl on a swing.

  • Triggers primal regions of our brain and psyche.
  • More sensory stimulation.
  • increases feeling of well-being and fights depression.
  • Sun exposure increases vitamin D levels and helps optimize hormones.


Why outdoor recreation

  • Nature provides us with a beautiful, peaceful setting and guess what? It is for free.
  • No living person does not enjoy the show provided by nature be it a green setting or a beach
  • Air is fresh and automatically renewed due to the presence of plants.
  • Recreation outdoors provides us with risk-taking, achievement, self-sufficiency, and social ties.
  • While outdoors we learn to be self-dependent, and we build social skills in an environment of equal footing.
  • We find peace and tranquility in nature.
  • It is an environment where everyone shows what he can do.
  • It enhances our feelings and sense of self as well as spiritual feelings
  • Pleasurable appreciation of what we have is felt when we are outdoors.
  • It is the enjoyment of life and relaxing.
  • We can let go of all ties if only for some time.
  • It helps some children to develop better and special children to gain skills.
  • It is education and survival intermingled with pleasurable activities.

Remember there are numerous recreational activities usually carried our outdoors but can easily be implemented indoors and with great success.


Being outdoors is an education unto itself, the challenges we meet, the risks we take as we go out of our comfort zones, even if we go back after a little while. Of course, the challenge increases with the increase of the time for an outdoor recreation activity and the optimum is when we are away for several days.

Degrees in outdoor recreation are offered by some universities around the world. Here it becomes not just as a recreation but as a life, a business, that offers others the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and spice found in being outdoors having fun or just relaxing.

On the Go with Outdoor Activities



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