Roots of a problem or the roots of a plant, maybe but we all have our roots as well,  and they could become unmitigated in their strength or weak and fragile!

It is the roots that really make up a person from the day he is born to the day that he dies. He depends on them, he relies on them and leans on them for strength when the going gets tough.

When the going gets tough, we think that we are going to fall, break, crack under the pressure, but that is not the case. For even if all our leaves are gone, as the strong winds of life tear at us, pulling us down, throwing us to the wolves, or just there in a myriad of mud.

Life might get muddy, dirty, but just when we think that we are gone, we are done, we find that we start to come up from those cracks with new leaves, fresh leaves that have been waiting for just that opportunity to come out of hiding. They are new, they are shiny, and they are strong.

Roots - Initiating

Roots – Initiating

It is all due to those initial roots and the strength that is below the surface. A strength that no one sees even we ourselves are sometimes so blinded by our problems that we think we are done. But once the storm starts to clear, or we allow it to settle down we start to search for that inner strength, and it is astounding, to say the least.

That is when we see the roots, those things that were cultivated and grew beneath the surface, we start to find them, see them and feel their strength. And all those seeds that we sowed when we thought nothing of it when we were young and carefree and simply think that the world is a large playground and everything is innocent and there are no worms or rot beneath the pearly grass, the fresh earth.

But we always felt they were there, that there is something that I need to get to….

Sadly, we weep for those who did not wait to find their roots, they took matters in their own hands and saw black….

Or they were gone before they could get there….

Or they were old and laden with life, they let it cover them, smother them,

Or they were just too young and now they are gone….

My roots, your roots, they are there – reach inside.

Lucky are those who find them and it is never too late – we learn that!

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