It is hard to define what services a content writer/ writer / author could provide – but as the saying goes “Everyone is a master of his own trade”. What is guaranteed – content with flavor! As such, if you want anything written be it blog, content writing, a poem, SEO, an article in any field, and more – then you are in the right place. I write  Bios, cover letters, formal company profiles, copywriting posts, and provide exquisite translations. Creative writing from scratch along with extensive research that results in beautiful written content pieces customized to your needs. There can be a lot more once you contact the author and we discuss your specific requirements. It will be my utmost pleasure working along with you.

What I Do


Blog Articles

Blog articles are customized to your needs and requirements. Rest assured that you get an article that is well researched and great to read. This applies to all niches – I do them all!

Information architecture

Just as an architect designs a building, on  I search for the information and design it to your specific case.

Content Strategy

Content is a very sensitive topic and consists of many sections that need to be written carefully and to fit your site specifications like a glove in winter.

Creative Copywriting

As I am a creative writer I work wonders with creative copywriting and I have the advantage that I work on any topic – just let me feel and create your brand in words!

Great to work with Salwa, would recommend to anyone who needs Content, SEO, WordPress, and Wix - customizing and writing content. Don't forget Salwa provides expert translations!

Mohamed El Mahdy

She is fantastic and done a great job to help me finish the ebook project. It’s wonderful to work with her and I can surely recommend her to anyone.”


The team of content writer work on many varied niches and provides articles that are well researched, beautifully written while being unique, great to read as well as using rich language that is still lovely to read.


Ready when you are! Your beautiful content is right around the corner.

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