Spotify is a music streaming service that has completely changed and turned around the music industry, and for good. It is still not an accepted fact nowadays, that people do not buy music CDs.  The growth of the internet and internet services has led to this change. Spotify-like services have definitely gained and risen to the occasion; from this change, by offering users to play their favorite music directly from the cloud, rather than having to download it first.

Streaming music

Globally speaking, everyone now has a smartphone tucked in his pocket and he is listening to songs, music, or anything of his choice. Some have a favorite singer or artist, and some have a mix that they prefer, while others are eclectic listeners. But even eclectic listeners have some preferabilities and as such they get to have their own playlist.


Everything has become digital and so has music, all the music we listen to on the internet is digital music. And, in this field, Spotify has become quite popular and has been able to surpass all expected notions about digital music. Spotify has the ability to run on any smartphone, tablets as well as PC.  Of course, the capabilities may vary from platform to platform, the basics of Spotify are the same. It also provides the users with customizing features such as making their own playlists, choosing albums, artists, and songs and what have you.


Not just listeners use Spotify but artists as well, they need it for spreading their brand of music or songs and even well-known artists use it for gathering fans and popularizing themselves. It acts as a catalog that ties the users to the artists where users share their playlists over social network sites and artists showcase their work.

Promotions offered on the site are quite irresistible so, buy some Spotify plays to ensure that you promote your music. It is the best option on the market and it promotes music on social media platforms, music networks, community pages and so on. Not only that but Spotify pays the artists for plays and that is in the case that they are real plays. With such a sure way of promotional services, what is it that you get to lose if you buy Spotify plays.

Get more plays

This is a tricky part of an artists job, since marketing is time-consuming, and instead of doing that or outsourcing it all you have to do is let Spotify do the job for you. And these are the services you will get:

  • Visibility & Engagement

So that you do not get passed over buy Spotify plays as that gives the impression that your music is worthy of listening to.

  • Support

A support team is available to help you build brand awareness, reach your goals and if there are any questions, you need guidance, you just go online, and you have all that and more.

  • What you need

The site enables you to build your own custom campaign, a number of plays you buy can be added, pick tracks to be played. In short, be your own producer as your music gains popularity.

  • Popularity

The factors that decide popularity and ranking on Spotify are the total number of plays, and frequency of these plays. So, you are buying plays to directly popularize your songs and gain the popularity you need which will eventually increase your plays on other platforms and not just on this platform.

  • Earning

You will also find yourself earning more as your popularity increases. First, you bought some plays, and this encouraged users to listen to your music so, your plays increase and your money from the site increases.

  • Packages

There are a number of different packages for buying plays on Spotify that are quite bewildering to choose from. And, that is not because they are really bewildering but because each and every package is quite irresistible to get. The more you buy the more you earn advantages and discounts. You also start to collect points that could be redeemed at a later stage and for any of the services on the site itself.

In case you have not yet noticed, it is a win-win situation where you as an artist will gain fans, money popularity, save time, save money you would have spent for marketing experts. And, all you have to do was be a part of this great site, create a profile and buy some plays as you go along and as the need arises.

So, you are an artist, are you going to sit there and wait until hopefully, after several years one of your songs starts to gain popularity. Then, people start to repeat your name and look for you, or you are going to use a service like buying Spotify plays.

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