How annoying a sulky teen or a screaming toddler is!

Pulling out your hair, embarrassed beyond bearing in public – the answer is simple – a parent needs to administer some discipline!

Yet herein lies the problem….

Discipline is a vast term and depends on our own understanding of the concept, how it is applied, or the way it had been applied to us when we were young – all define what we do with our children in turn.

When we were young – seems so far away – and perhaps way out of our life in the here and now – that is not the case.

It is carved in stone inside us, and as we deal out our brand of discipline, it comes out in exactly the same manner as that little girl or boy that we had been and had been disciplined by his parents.

  • Cultures define what and how a child should be disciplined.
  • Religion has a huge impact
  • The geographical location in the world matters too – a child in the US is not disciplined the same way as in another child in Guatemala –or any other place.
  • Education of the mother in particular and the father, too – is a determining factor.

What is discipline?

  • Is it that that offspring should conform to our minds or to what we think of as acceptable?
  • Is it about saving face in front of family, friends, neighbors, or even bystanders in a public place?
  • Is it about being quiet and silent, even if he is not happy?
  • Or is it about following orders and parental directions?

In our endeavor to focus on a disciplined child, do we cross that fine line that is the only division between discipline and abuse? Do we destroy our children’s emotional health, and all we see is that thankfully, they are quiet and obedient?

Peace – just on the outside, inside is growing an abuser, a teen or child with metal health issues – a cycle that does not end.

Awareness breaks the cycle – the hows come as we open our eyes, search, and hold our children close.

Discipline is required, needed, but to be firm is not to be harsh, or is that what hieroglyphics are?

Would love your comments and interactions….

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