A pinch of salt? Is that a heading or a piece of advice?

Neither or both, or perhaps both together.

It’s a view, an attitude.

Take what comes and add a little something for better insight, taste, or understanding!

Just a pinch of salt could add flavor to a meal. And that rather tasteless sandwich may suddenly take on a new flavor and become not just edible, but actually delicious.

Just a pinch of salt!

Do we flavor our food and not our lives?

Does our life need flavoring?

As we move through life, we meet new experiences, people, or situations.

Usually not to our liking or perhaps not up to our expectations.

Sometimes or typically, we have hurdles.

We have to go on.

There is no option

Life goes on, regardless.

At this point, it is a piece of advice – take that hurdle with a pinch of salt and move on.

Because whatever it is you’re going to take it, you are going to have to deal with it, a hurdle, a person – it does not matter. And which is better, let the burden crush you under, or add that pinch of salt and make the best out of it.

And maybe, it is not really a hurdle. But our vision is clouded, and we learned to take things at face value. Looking closely and keeping that pinch of salt ready for use, we prepare our mindsets for acceptance and dealing with what comes. That way, we learn to see beyond the obvious and add our efforts to it for a better experience, friendship, or a solution to a problem.

Or just some much-needed insight.

It is not a pinch of salt; it is that little addition that makes whatever we face become better or, just maybe, it had been better, but we were not ready to see it.

Armed with that salt shaker, face the world!

And find a smile!

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