There is something about the beach that is so special, so magical, like nothing else in the entire world. I do not know if it is just me, but when I go to the beach I actually feel the healing of my soul.

Here I am standing at the edge of the beach with the waves lapping at my feet and somehow everything else pales in comparison, the waves are not just lapping at my feet they are like the gentle strokes of tenderness, of kindness, of love. At that moment, I am not alone any longer; I am surrounded by peace and serenity. It seeps into my soul healing me, filling the emptiness that has become my life.

Relaxing on the beach, letting the soft rhythmic waves run and play and hit the shore, to their heart’s delight. It is a symbol of eternity, serenity, peace, and the presence of God who made it all possible.

Doctors have recommended it as a treatment for those convalescing from an illness, or those in need of some rest. Needless to say, those of us who need some peace and quiet, find the nearest opportunity to escape to the beach, even if it is only for a day or two. But it is not just doctors who recommend it, therapists are known to recommend it even more and for more than just the physical rest.

Noticeably, its effect is paramount, and we come back refreshed and can go on with the routine that is the essence of life.

I have known myself to come to the beach in emotional tatters, and as I spend several days there on, not soaking in the sun, sun lotion or even wading much in the water, but spending hours on end just relaxing there on the beach. And despite an inherent love of reading, I barely read on the beach. I just wanted to seep myself in the endlessness, the peace, and it never failed to give me exactly what I needed.

The connection between a person and his maker, between us and our inner selves, and between us and nature; is so evident in that setting.

Seeping in the peace of the Beach

Young woman on the beach

Of course, if you have your children playing around in the sand, the setting becomes a naughty one; with flying sand, water and what have you. Buckets and spades are shared or fought for, still, we find the bonding time to make sand castles that even as the sun sets, and the waves clear away, they leave a beautiful print on our souls and on the children’s as well.

In the evenings, with the moonlight high above, the waves are still dashing and crashing on the shore. The sound is never angry except in a storm, and we accept that, and it never puts us off the beach.

We still come back and let it work its magic on our souls, a magic that has caused man to settle as near as possible to the shores, to seek his lively hood from and near the sea.  Settlements and hotels provide the necessary accommodation for those seeking the beaches.

So, when we are tired, hurt, healing, or just plain bored of life; we seek the nearest beach, or we seek a particular beach that we have soft spot for, and we go there to rest and heal.

The only sad thing about it is as every good thing, it ends, and we go back to our lives. Those lucky ones of us are those who live near the beach or in a coastal town, and if those people do not take advantage of their proximity to the beach then they have only themselves to blame.

Man at the beach with his son

Bonding Time


As for me and you, we dash there at every possible chance we have.  We come back with a tan or not, it does not matter. What matters is that we come back at peace, calm, and refreshed enough and infused with a boost of energy to last us until the next visit to the beach.


Leave your prints while taking away the peace, warmth, and precious moments in your heart.


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