Commodities are useful for income, and it does not matter what it is, what matters is finding the highest bidder. That commodity has no importance in or for itself, but its only use is the value that will still be garnered from it.

The owner of the commodity cherishes it and cares for it, carefully caring and protecting it with all the ability within him.

Eyes always trained on the value, the income that he will get from that commodity.

What is a commodity?

  • Is it some crops?
  • Or perhaps, gold?
  • A cherished heirloom?
  • An old antique
  • Or could it be a finely carved vase or ornament?

Mold, dust, and searching hands are forbidden, for that is a rare find, and we have to care for it.

‘Don’t touch!’

‘Don’t look!’

‘I have to protect it at all costs.’

‘Do you love it so much?’

‘Love…What does love have to do with it? I have to care for it for its value is so dear, and can’t you see how precious it is? This is a rare commodity, and you should stay away from it unless you are interested in buying it.’

‘But I am almost bedraggled and not worthy of such a possession.’

‘It does not matter as long as you make it worth my while.’

‘I can have this precious commodity!’

‘That is simply unbelievable that you would allow me to touch it!’

‘You said it – it is a commodity, and as far as I am concerned, give me it’s worth, and it is all yours.’

‘I agree.’

‘Don’t you want to say goodbye? Or check-up every once in a while and see if I am taking care of it?’



‘I took what I wanted from it; you can do what you like with it for all I care.’

‘Is it really an – it?’

‘To me, it is an ‘it’…’

What was the commodity?

An interesting question, which you will answer and thoughts will wander to all things around that are for sale or sold to us, yet, there is one thing that should be dearer than ourselves, but it is sold without a second look behind.

‘Hey! Did you regret the sale?’

‘Perhaps I should have looked for someone who paid more…. Pay more!’



‘I already have it, and oh, it is so awesome!’

‘Go away before I call the cops and let me have my fun!’

Have you guessed what the commodity is?

A commodity that knows nothing, still green, and the bargain – one that is as old as time…..

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