Sustain the Little Things That Matter

“The little things don’t really matter” – is what most of us seem to think. But when we think, carefully we will see that that is not the case.

As we go on about our daily life, we use a lot of things on a regular basis. These things have become a matter of course to us, do not notice that we are using them or that they are way out of the ordinary. Yet, as we give ourselves a few moments to pause, we will realize how important they are and how much of a difference it would make to notice and take action concerning these seemingly trivial things.

  • Clean water is a rare commodity to a lot of people around the world, but ever-growing leaking taps – add all these drops and calculate on a simple calculator how much water is wasted – it is daunting.
  • As we go shopping, returning home laden with a week’s storage of food all packed in numerous plastic bags – and we throw the bags – too much trash. Taking a reusable eco-friendly bag with us will make sure we come back with almost no plastic bags. Quite a feat when we add up all the bags we had not thrown away if all of us do that!
  • Do I need ten shirts – no, just two or three are more than enough.

There are a lot of such examples, and we just do not notice them in the rhythm of our lives. Yet, they are little things – it is the little things that pile up and make a pile just as the drops of rain that make up the rainfall. And, we all know that rain gathers into rivers and more, and we

As such, sustaining those little things are our own individual contribution in an ever-growing demand for each of us to put out his hand and help. Unbelievably, we will find that these things add up to give quite an amount, and we still have what we need.

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