The Sun and the Wind

The Sun and the Wind – a tale as old as time. Who doesn’t know that the sun warms us through and through with the rays it emits. It gives life with the light and heat it emits. Without the sun, there would be no life on earth.
The plants turn their green faces to the sun’s rays, and with that, they can make the food that feeds you and me. Even the nonchalant rabbit skipping along gets his daily carrot from the warmth and light of the sun.
Carrots, beans, apples – it matters not what the flavor is or how we eat it, it all goes back to the warmth that we get from the sun’s rays as they swarm the earth surface cloaking it in light, heat, warmth and in turn – glorious plants and foliage.
On the other hand, with the sun behind a cloud or sleeping for the night, the wind tears at the foliage and when we feel the chill of the wind we cuddle inside our clothes, cloaks or wraps.
But it simply does not relent, somehow it has the impression that the more it tears at the earth, the stronger it is – and it is out to show us who is stronger.
Of course, it is strong – who could possibly deny such a strong force of nature. As it passes through, it leaves devastation behind – such is the effect of strength – it is not for nurturing or growth – just tearing down and being proud of its power over those in its path.
It does pass though; nothing lasts forever, and when it is gone the sun is still there to nurture us back to life and growth.
“Hold on, the wind is almost gone – I see its tail end – and I know that the sun has my back. A hand just there to give that support and then life will flourish once more”.

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