Tigers or …?

Tiger stripes are unique and infinitely beautiful. Have you ever heard of two tigers with the same exact pattern of stripes?

  • Black stripes over golden brown, gold, or yellow fur.
  • Thick stripes or thin stripes?
  • Just stripes – no, for sometimes they are thin lines or splashes of color.
  • Each tiger face could be drawn by an artist – no two faces are ever the same.
  • Tummy is white and striped with black.
  • Extent and area of whiteness are different for each tiger.
  • The pattern around the eyes is as different as it is similar.

We drool over the beauty of the tiger, cats that look like tigers and devise ways to recreate those designs in artificial material, and it is never as beautiful as the origin.

Is it just tigers?

  • Giraffes have different patterns to each one of them, young or old.
  • Zebras – black stripes over white – as beautiful as the artist can never make them.
  • Cheetahs are all black and glossy, but I bet you no two of them have the same gloss and fur like the other.
  • Cats that look like tigers – each one is unique even in its character—reddish lines over golden fur, grey lines with white socks.

It is the beauty of nature, its uniqueness, and its distinction. And yet, beneath the fur, all tigers’ bodies and behavior are typical. Every species of the animal kingdom has its characters and workings, but the external appearances vary.

We humans see the uniqueness, adore the beauty, and understand that category of the animal kingdom has the same properties and physical functions.  

Then, we have seen that all cats accept each other and know that they are all cats, and they coexist.

The only species that are classified according to the color of the skin, criticize and judge each other according to physical differences, are humans.

Beneath the color of the skin – what can be seen?

Humanity – where are you?

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