Trash – into the trash or into the landfill!

In case we are not really aware – we have a huge problem called trash. And the real problem is that it is literally everywhere. A joke that is trending on the internet these days is that a couple of decades and at the rate we are going – our seas and oceans will have more trash than they will have fish!

Why are we surprised and why do we think that this is a joke; it is not. At the moment, we find that there are larger fishes that die due to eating what we throw out.

Trash is gathered from our homes and we comfort ourselves with the thought that it will be recycled.

  • Reuse
  • Reduce
  • Recycle

We still have way too much trash that is not possible to be recycled or reused and at a loss what to do with it – we just throw it in a landfill.

What is a landfill?

A deep man-made hole in the depth of the earth that has been emptied just so that we could fill it with trash that we have no idea what to do with. But this trash is mostly non-biodegradable and in turn causes toxic pollution to the earth or takes decades to simply disintegrate. It is a virtual time bomb, emitting toxic gases, polluting the environment

Trash - Plastic Dilemma

Trash – Plastic Dilemma

and poisoning the surrounding air and soils making them not suitable for living or planting.

We need to find ways to reduce the amount of trash that we throw out on a daily basis.


  • Reuse old clothes to make other things to use like – jeans could be turned into aprons, potholders, and so much more. Ideas are endless…
  • Reduce the use of tissues – use re-washable cloth instead.
  • Reuse glass jars in the home and if not do not throw in the trash but send for recycling.
  • Paper bags are better than plastic bags for the environment – they are biodegradable.
  • Don’t buy products that are in plastic containers – but buy those in glass containers.


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