Traveling for a weekend here or a week away from home and office, is a blessing. For those of us who do not find the flavor in leaving their comfort zone, they are missing on the essence of life.
Life was created in diversity and differences, differences that make each person or place or race unique, in its own way.
Traveling to see these differences, cultures, and places is not just – an education in itself but a pleasure that is unequaled in its beauty. For even in one country, each region differs from its neighboring one and you find yourself facing the surprise that comes with knowing that your next neighbor’s life is so uniquely his and so different from yours and you did not even realize it.
Some of these differences are trivial at face value until you get to really practice them, then they are not so trivial anymore.
As such, traveling in your country or away from it you get so many things:

• You see diverse cultures up close and personal, some you may take back with you and some not.
• You meet distinct types of people, each with his own flavor; some good, some not so good. But from each one, you get a life experience that you treasure and keep.
• You see so many different smiles and laughs and you find some stay with you forever.
• Monuments – old and new – you see them, enjoy them as you might never have been able to do. You store these experiences and somehow you never forget them.
• You taste types of food from different countries, served at its best, and maybe you take home a recipe or two.
• Styles and designs of different cities get etched into your memory; for no two places are ever similar.
• Photos and videos, and strange happenings come along with you, and you wonder how you could have missed seeing such things.
• Different flora and fauna, in their original climates, are hard to come by, for each place is unique. Animals also, get their share, if you would like to find out about them since some animals are restricted to certain climates and you can see them in their natural habitats.
• You enjoy different hotels and accommodations that put you in contact with the country’s people and the way they do things.


Traveling anywhere, near as well as far is an unparalleled experience. All in all, you come back with your head and heart full of everything you have seen and learned, and some memories and new experiences you would like to keep. You come back refreshed and ready to go on with your life, having added something new or a lot of new things and seen so much more. Your next trip, will be even better as you will be prepared to absorb all you can.
So, what is not to be enjoyed about traveling; pack a bag and plan your next trip, each time to a different destination so that you gather experiences and fun while having a change of scene.
Even your dog will thank you!

Dog traveling in a car.

Traveling – A dog in a car

The Beach ,  Cape Town – A Unique Setting in the World

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