Nowadays, technology is used in everything that is part of our lives. We wake up to technology and the last thing we interact with before we sleep is some form of tech. So, it is no surprise that it is our right hand even in matters that concern human interactions in the work environment.

The way we use technology in human resources is interesting as well as illuminating.


Years back, candidates for a job had their paper copy application studied, and an interview set up for potential employees, after which a choice was made between a number of interviewed candidates. Presently, this is aided by online recruitment or e-recruitment through which applications are placed and screened. Portals are accessed through the e-recruitment site and job seekers could post videos of past work or potentials.



Technology is used to train new employees for the exact job requirements while employees who have been in the company for a while are encouraged to develop further by taking online courses or just some periodical training to further them in their career. It simplifies the process since they can study from the company database and take the exams necessary when they are ready; if there is an exam.


Monitoring the performance of employees through the use of technology creates a transparent work environment. Invariably, this makes the HR Manager’s job so much easier and sleek and makes employees give their best. It is an all-win situation while at the same time saves time and energy better used elsewhere so, why not?

Virtual workforce

Sometimes, making use of work at home skills, or experienced personnel working from the comfort of their home could actually be more beneficial to the company. First, the work at home or virtual manpower will be able to give more work if he is comfortable. Second, the company saves space and power sources used by resident employees. Third, if the company needs a job done and that job needs hundreds of employees, and the job could be segmented then, hundreds of workers could be hired at the same time – virtually – and they are paid by the job done, again virtually. An example that is easy to recall is the telecenters and data entry firms.

Technology in daily life


Daily management

Of course, we shall not forget the daily management and enhancement of the resident and virtual workforce through the use of technology. This is for the smooth and effective running of the business as well as the support and development of the employees be it in work, health, or any other issue that might arise.


Technology definitely makes everything so much easier and productive for all parties concerned; it frees our time to innovate and maybe create more technology!

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