Virtual time machine

A Time Machine is way for us to travel in time but, what is a virtual time machine?  A rather interesting concept and has been covered in many sci-fi movies as well as novels. But actually, there is no reality to the concept or idea – it is just a figment of our imagination – a way to solve the problems that we find ourselves in or that we have created of our own free will.

So, we start fantasizing about going back in time so that we could turn back the clock. Just to make sure we do not do a certain mistake or error that has resulted in a series of unfortunate events and actions that were built on that error or mistake.

Time machines have had various forms or shapes and have been made from anything like a watch to a car, still, it is just a fantasy and has no truth to it.

Yet, we are living in a time machine, going back in history – but without realizing it.

Those who are past the 40s have seen their parents and grandparents using the cloth hankies, glass bottles that were repeatedly used and washed.

Then, came the plastic explosion and we were being convinced to use disposable products:

  • One-use cups made of plastic – just wonderful.
  • Plates, forks, and even
  • Plastic soda bottles – use and throw away is so much nicer and cleaner.
  • Thick kitchen gloves were quickly replaced with one-use plastic gloves.

The list is endless, but the piles of trash became monumental  their proportions and that is where the virtual time machine comes in:

Today, the trend is that we are going back to using reusable cloth napkins, reusable glass bottles, Tupper ware for our fridges.  And, that is not mentioning that even soda is sold in glass bottles that could be returned to the supermarket. Takeout could be taken in reusable containers brought from home.

Sustainability measures and the goals – SDGS – to a cleaner less-trash filled Earth demands that we follow these trends in an effort to reduce the problem

We are trying to turn back the clock on a nightmare of monumental proportions – TRASH.

If that is not a time machine then, what is?

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