A friend of mine said these words one morning, and somehow it hit a spot inside me and that was when I realized that it is true.
This friend of mine whom I shall name Ana has quite a way with words. She does not speak much but when she does her words are those of; not just a well-read person but after the reading then comes a lot of deep thinking then only does she utter her words. I followed her example and went looking for sources of information – books for growing inner strength.
It was a morning of group gathering like many such mornings every week, but this one was very painful and somehow, we not only wept for ourselves but for each one of us and the story she shared.
We sat there gazing at each other and at a loss as to what we can do after such pain, such deep emotions. How were we going to go home in such a state?
That was when Ana said that we are still here in this room fighting for our well-being, for making our lives better, because we still want to hold onto life.
In shock, we stared at her, because she was right. We were there because we needed to be strong to face our problems, be happy, not just to make our lives better but because we love life.
Despite everything and everyone who tried to flatten me, and I let them, and for a while they not only fattened me, no, I was actually a living robot – just functioning from day to day for the purpose of seeing to the needs of those I loved – and here am I, still here and fighting them as well as myself.
Ana, you are a genius. This is a letter not just to every girl or woman, but to every person, not to let anyone flatten them ever. Love yourself, you are worth that and so much more, be kind to yourself. Then, you will find that you want to live this life and you want to do that happily. A journey of emotional healing might seem tedious, but it is worth it when you find the smile coming from your heart, not just pasted on your face.

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